First Time In Antalya, Turkey | Hotel Su Antalya | Day Trip To Frankfurt, Germany | Vegan Options

After reviewing a plethora of YouTube videos on beautiful Antalya, Turkey we decided to take our own adventure there. The rich culture and hospitality was overwhelming to us, definitely different from what is portrayed in mainstream media. That is why we here at Fly Expectations LLC, want to inform, inspire, and empower you to do the research and make your own decisions about the world. Don’t just settle for the cards that were dealt to you, we all have skills to make our human experience great, it’s never too early or too late to elevate 🙌🏽✨

We have taken the liberty of helping you navigate through this video, we will hope that you like, and watch it until the end we have a prize for the 222nd person that comments on this video. Here are the different markers of importance in the video:

4 Tips for Out of the country during a pandemic: 0:18-4:26

Flight from IAH to FRA, what food is like on international flight: 4:36-5:16

Layover in Frankfurt International Airport, What can you eat as a vegan: 5:46-5:50 was limited so we didn’t show their food court

Layover in Izmir Turkey 🇹🇷 Airport, What you can eat as a vegan: 6:04-6:27

Arrival in Antalya, Turkey 🇹🇷 Airport, have airport transfer to your lodging:6:28-7:18

Arriving to Hotel 🏨 Su 🌊: 7:22-12:47

Arriving at Amazing Smile Turkey Clinic: 12:48-20:01; 1:02:52-1:04:50; 1:07:30-1:09:35; 1:14:49-1:20:25

Antalya Migras Shopping Mall, closed to COVID-19 restrictions: 29:51-35:00 ; 44:55-46:05; 1:12:53-1:14:45;

Antalya Aquarium: 37:08-41:25

Antalya Face 2 Face Wax Museum: 41:28-44:54

Trip to Old Town/ Keleici: 35:05-37:07 ; 56:49-1:02:28; 1:09:36-1:12:51;

Trip to Konyaalti Beach: 47:05-49:48

Trip to Khemer Turkey 🇹🇷: 49:49-51:05

Arrival to Frankfurt 🇩🇪: 1:21:50

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