46 thoughts on “Florida Pastor gunned down during argument at shopping center.

  1. Awesome young man, just doing God's work. His treasures are stored in heaven. He will get his rewards. He's not looking for glory, just doing what needs to be done.

  2. He looks like he's still a baby!! What a hero and to be so young!! His whole family is proud.. I would love to see what he does with his life.. I'm sure he's going to make his mom proud everyday!! 💖

  3. All the fkn evil in this world, and i would have never known about this, but i can be shown some fk-tards acting acting out on world star. That kid is a warrior, dove head first into danger…fkn righteous hero!!!

  4. Thanks for the great story of that young man who rescued four people from a burning car. Kudos to him!
    Why this hasn't made the news? This young man is a true hero, at least in my eyes. SALUTE!

  5. A cop would have shot the young man for attempted carjacking. He's a lucky young man . The burning vehicle was not the eminent danger. The cops were.

  6. Thank you for highlighting the story. You putting it out there might get him the exposure he needs. Start the gofundme already 😁

  7. Thank you for this amazing story. I will be covering this myself. It is so GREAT to see a young man that cares so much about others. He is a true HERO !!!

  8. I had not heard the story of the kid pulling people out of a burning car.
    He may not be a hero to some people, but he absolutely is a hero to those lives he saved!!!

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