Hotel Del Luna ini merupakan sebuah hotel seperti hotel pada umumnya. Yang membedakan hotel yang terletak di kota Seoul ini dengan hotel lainnya ialah costumer mereka yang semuanya adalah hantu.
Dan dari tempat inilah 2 makhluk bertemu, dimana Jang Man Wol merupakan seorang CEO dari hotel tersebut yang terjebak karena sebuah kesalahan besar dan mengakibatkan dirinya terjebak begitu lama di hotel tersebut.
Namun ia tidak menyangka bahwa dirinya bertemu dengan seorang pria yang mengalami sebuah peristiwa tertentu, lalu menjadi manajer di hotel tersebut.

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42 thoughts on “[FMV] IU ❤ YEO JIN GOO ~Nagging~ REAL MOMENT

  1. They are comfortable with each other. It's the first time I saw IU this comfortable with a co actor. ManChan couple, 사랑해

  2. IU famous dated an older men and she is known for being reserved and respectful person. Jing goo known for being serious too and he had been working since he was a baby. His characters in drama and movies were serious and heavy…so putting the two actors in one screen wasn't easy for unknown reaction from public. But now we know….both of them prove everyone wrong. They nailed it. After Hotel De Luna…i was digging all YJG drama and movies non-stop and watching it marathon. It so crazy and now am his big fan.

  3. I hope GooEun (jingoo and iu) will dating,married,got a child,got grandchild and END UP THEM LIFE TOGETHER!!!AHHH MY SHIP IS THE BEST!!! 😊😊😊😍😍😍😉😉

  4. Ottoke? I still can't get over ManChan. I suddenly felt empty after this drama ended. Hope to see interviews, cf, magazine photo shoot or variety show for these 2.

  5. I like their chemistry even though people say they have no chemistry, but for me their chemistry is natural and cute.

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