Foreigners Reaction to Malls Reopen in Thailand – Bangkok Riverside Vlog – COVID-19 Update

In this video, I talk about the latest COVID-19 update on malls reopening in Bangkok, Thailand. I captured my friend Michele Ponte’s reaction to the new phrase of lockdown in Bangkok and his experience with Thai bloggers during our Chao Phraya, Bangkok’s Riverside exploration. I hope you guys enjoyed the video.

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35 thoughts on “Foreigners Reaction to Malls Reopen in Thailand – Bangkok Riverside Vlog – COVID-19 Update

  1. So much nice, clean and peaceful feels like a new Thailand alltogether back in tym…. Cheers enjoys guys

  2. Nice video krub! Hopefully Thailand will look nice and neat like this when we reopen all businesses and tourism too.

  3. Peaceful of Bangkok .when we don’t have Rude Chinese tourists .love this time of Bangkok .

  4. Yes… Me too. Just enjoyed the mall opened. Like, Share, Subscribe. Already done subscribing. Hope you subscribe to my channel too. 😁

  5. Think the government is lying about Covid numbers? Check the hospitals, they are quiet, as are the morgues. If they are hiding Covid patients, you have to ask where they are hiding them.

  6. Just subsribed your channel and can't wait to travel to BKK soon!! Hope you can introduce more locally scene and places

  7. I've seen you in the vlogs of Michele Ponte that's why I subscribed to you, your very good Vlogger..

  8. So cool how all you guys got together. I love how youtubers help and support each other. I just did a vlog walking around downtown Medellin Colombia, things are still strict here and they might extend again. 😭
    The President will announce for sure later today.

  9. Haven’t been there yet, might not go cause you gotta keep checking in to any shops you enter, wonder what happens if your phone runs out of battery?

  10. You are such a nice vlogger Manit. Been waiting for your video since long. I am happy that things are relaxing in Thailand. We still don't have a very good situation here in India unfortunately. God bless you. Stay Safe ! 🙂

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