[Full Movie] 欲望出租房 Rental Housing, Eng Sub | 2020 Drama film 剧情电影 1080P

Plot Summary: The movie “Rental Housing 欲望出租屋” tells about an arrogant and proud woman Yu Xiaoe, who came to the city to find a work with her husband Xiao Shen. The young couple came from the countryside did not start well, and the rented house was simple and dilapidated. Yu Xiao’e was taunted by the landlady when she failed to find a job repeatedly. She was in a bad mood and bad attitude all day long until she was seen by the owner of the clothing store in a big shopping mall. Xiao E was simple and vain, she fell into the trap of the boss step by step , a “mantis catching cicadas, a canary staying behind ” story was staged.

故事简介: 电影 《欲望出租屋 Rental Housing》讲述 心高气傲、身材骄人的余小娥,跟老公小申来城里打工。这对农村青年小夫妻开始并不顺利,租住的房子简单破旧。余小娥找工作屡次失败又被房东老太奚落,整日情绪恶劣,态度恶劣, 直到逛街时被大商场成衣店的老板看上。单纯而虚荣的小娥一步步陷入了老板的圈套,一个“螳螂捕蝉”的故事上演了。

出品 Produced: 安徽音书 Yin Shu Media
导演 Director: 吴明生 Wu Mingsheng
主演 Starring: 朱永媛 李昊天 田志斌 梁婉琪
题材 Feature: #剧情 #Drama, 爱情 Romance

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