Gameboys | Episode 8: No Matter What | [ENG SUB]

GAMEBOYS presented by TM
Chapter 8: No Matter What

Gavreel tries to reach out to Cairo who remains elusive and inconsolable after his father’s demise. Will this tragedy bring them together or pull them apart?

STARRING: Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas with Adrianna So
ALSO STARRING: Sue Prado, Kyle Velino, Jerom Canlas, Angellie Saño and Rommel Canlas
DIRECTED BY: Ivan Andrew Payawal
WRITTEN BY: Ash M. Malanum



Words and Music by: EMERZON TEXON
Performed by: JOSHUA RONETT
Additional Lyrics by: ELMER GATCHALIAN

Special thanks:
CNN Philippines


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34 thoughts on “Gameboys | Episode 8: No Matter What | [ENG SUB]

  1. Sorry di pa ko nagresearch pero tunay na dad ba ni cairo ung gumanap as dad nya kasi sobrang kamukha nya talaga! Hirap magtype di ko nakikita ng maayos. My eyes are flooded atm 😭😭😭

  2. Im watching this episode today. But i stopped kc naman relate na relate ako sa situation ni Cairo. Dami kong iyak wala lang cguro ako din kahit obvious na kung ano ako sa ibang tao deny to death parin ako. Cguro ayoko lang talaga umamin na gay ako. Sa mga relatives ko alam nla kahit sa parents ko pero hirap parin umamin. Kaya everytime makapanood ako ng ganitong situation wala hanggang iyak nalang ako…😢😥😰

  3. Pucha ba’t ngayon ko lang to pinanuod?🥺 tas ngayon pinapanood ko na kilig na kilig ako tas di ako mapakali pag di ko natapos ang isang episode aahhh

  4. Cai's father died demonstrating unconditional love for his gay son. Which makes it even more heartbreaking because parents like him deserved the longest, happiest lives. But I feel there's a lesson here for straight parents (present & future). Straight parents are so enveloped in hetero normalcy that it never occurs to them that their children could have a different sexuality than them. If you are (or will be) a straight parent who loves & accepts their kids no matter their sexuality, make it clear to them early on. "I'll love you whether you like girls or boys". Don't wait until they've "come out" to you after having to suffer for years.

  5. The theme is universal – it’s not just BL, it’s more than that, it’s about family and love. I’ve cried the last 2 episodes. Anyone who has lost someone they love knows this kind intense pain. Thank you to those who made this show possible.

  6. I'm crying because of the scene ni Kuya London and Cairo but dahil kay Gav na nagpapa-cute sa gilid natatawa ako na umiiyak. Weird

  7. I just love whenever Gav goes "Baby, babyyy, babbyyyy" he's so annoyingly cute and i can't believe Cai finally admitted that he's his baby

  8. Que difícil y duro cuando uno pierde a un papá una de las lecciones más dura de la vida pero que crudo el sentimiento de Cai me sentí en el momento de la perdida del mío 😭

  9. My emotions are all over the place, what a rollercoaster, now i get the other comments. Ive tried for several episodes to hold back my tears but this episode hits different. I really love the series, its made so well & it seems like such a genuine relation. I love the main actor too and how they convey their emotions. Gotta love Pearl too. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. At first i kinda felt had for Risa because she was rejected… NVM LOL she's the reason why Cai left and made he's dad get infected with Covid😒😒

  11. Matagal ko na natapos tong series na to unuulit ko lang pero alam nyo ba kahit tapos na ang series di ko pa nakita si Paris

  12. I cried for the whole episode until the last part. I'm still busy wiping my tears and then suddenly… Cai just…WAAHHH I WAS SO TAKEN A BACK! TT

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