Gary & Hyorin, 19+ couple dance! 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP439

Running Man 런닝맨 EP439 20160710 SBS

효린이 개리와의 커플댄스에서 수위조절에 실패해 웃음을 자아낸다.

Running Man is a Korean variety show forming part of SBS’s Good Sunday lineup. It first aired on July 11, 2010, and as of 2015, is currently the longest-running program. The main MC of Running Man is Yoo Jae-suk and this show is the real variety show focused on funny games. It aris on every Sunday at 6:25pm.

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49 thoughts on “Gary & Hyorin, 19+ couple dance! 《Running Man》런닝맨 EP439

  1. Funny how 4 years ago this was too much lol now idols out here throwing it back for everybody and their momma on Vlive with zero care whatsoever 😂

  2. 제목 씨발ㅋㅋㅎㅋㄹㅋㄹㅋㅎㅋㅎㅌㅅㅋㅅㅋㅎㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋ 19+ couple dance ㅋㅎㅋㅎㅋㅅㅌㅎㅌㅎㅋㅎㅋ홑ㅅㅊㅅㅎㅋㅋㅎㅋ큐튜투투ㅜㅜ아 웃겨 뒤져

  3. 유튜브 업로드용으로 인코딩할 때 디인터레이스를 안하신 건지
    화면에 계속 가로줄이 생기고 꿀렁 거림

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