21 thoughts on “Going Through Tough Times…Navigating Difficult Energies.🌪✨🌟

  1. Wow, I am usually a person that likes to stay home but lately I have been extremely depressed and anxious because I cannot do anything.

  2. I think I had a panic attack on Saturday night because I feel like I am in financial purgatory. I started looking for a role in my former field in January and a cheaper place to live on Monday. Out-of-the-blue today, I got a call today from a former colleague from years back who wants me for a lucrative position nearby my home with a great team. Interviewing tomorrow morning. Fingers-crossed! The Universe has your back. I just had to take action to reverse my finances. The position is better then I could have imagined. Stay strong everyone!

  3. I'm in for a hard decision on my relationship. I feel that I just exist not knowing my purpose I feel like I want to just run. I pray about it at night. I feel that we have come to the end of our relationship it feels like the universe is trying to push but I'm scared I haven't been on my own for nearly 20. years.

  4. I have been feeling so stuck at home I'm lonely and I don't go anywhere because of the Pandemic once in a while I go to the grocery store with my son I use to go to the Casino twice a month and now I get so depress. I don't have very many friends. Since I quit working. When you don't money you don't have friends Thx Velia Bearup

  5. Great messages, Amy!!! I realized I'm struggling with letting go of 3D ways and embracing the new 5D way of being. Stuck between two worlds, kind of clinging to the 'old' one because it's comfortable even if it isn't serving my highest good anymore. that can make it feel harder and heavier than it actually needs to be! I just keep being compassionate with myself, kinda like how you would be with a child learning something new who gets frustrated. Self-love is so important…and patience and faith. 💖

  6. I think it feels this way because through the impeachment in the senate it was so obvious that former President was as guilty as sin considering what we already knew and the things we found out that was so emotioional as en empath that it honestly made me weep. Anyone with half a brain would have voted to impeach…then we realized that a whole group of people that are adults in the senate are acting like ignorant children and playing stupid and dangerous games. It is so sad and pathetic. If there is any karma in the world I would really love to see it play out as soon as possible. It is always so wrong when a person that is such a bully as well as being evil and corrupt always seems to get away with it which makes him more vindictive and cruel as a result.

  7. Definitely feel this energy. Very uncomfortable but I’ve had a strong inner knowing of needing to get my stuff together this year. Things I’ve been wanting to work on forever —feeling like I need to really commit to doing the big shift I’ve been avoiding for some time. 💜💜💜

  8. Scared about the future but hopeful and staying positive. Thankful for my family and pray 🙏 for the healing of us all.

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