Greenfield – The Largest City in Minecraft – v0.5.3

Welcome to Greenfield version 0.5.3! This update has brought a strong focus on all build types- from large industrial factories, commercial buildings, such as Minekea, construction sites, residential, and office space. We have nearly doubled the amount of industry we had previously in Greenfield and brought back the infamous Minekea, which has been waiting for many years to be created into what it is today.

This update, we are introducing two brand new areas, Ashfield West and Springfield, and four redeveloped areas, Northpark (Previously Melrose and old Springfield), Clinton, Glenview, and Ashfield East.

Ashfield West:
The counterpart to Westwood, Ashfield West is the second piece to the puzzle which fits the run down, working-class, area of suburbs in Greenfield. With nearly 20 new factories and warehouses, Ashfield West has nearly doubled the amount of industry allowing even more possibilities for future expansion into working-class neighborhoods.

Springfield is the newly developed commercial zone for the redeveloped Northpark. Featuring an under-construction Hockey Stadium (Kazias Center), Movie Studios, Minekea, and many other retail and construction-oriented plots. Springfield is the current center of commercial redevelopment, in the city meant to keep the inhabitants of the city occupied with things to do and options for home decor.

Northpark is a newly developed, and nearly complete, residential area with a large amount of newly created homes, apartments, and retail. With a high school nearby and shopping centers near, Northpark is the current hot spot for new living.

Office and commercial heavy, Clinton features a new multi-building shopping mall with a movie theater, food choices, and many, many, stores. All developed within the last 20 to 30 years, Clinton is a hustling part of the Greater Ashfield Area, and one which will continue to be so for many years to come.

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Music: Will This Hell Ever End (
Shaders: Blender Cycles Engine
Video: Staples_, JacobKazias, BlueColty, JoeyGamePro, and NJDaeger

Several hundred hours were put in by Staples, Jacob, Blue, and Joey to make sure this video came out on time with the quality it had. They have done us a huge favor and have done fantastic work.


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39 thoughts on “Greenfield – The Largest City in Minecraft – v0.5.3

  1. I like viewing new servers, so when jacob talked about it this one time, I joined the discord. I hadn't actually seen what it looked like but I didn't expect it to look this good.

  2. It’s so weird to think that somewhere in that massive amazing work of art, are some meager buildings that I’ve made, and in this buildings are friendships I’ve forged. I need to get back on there and build more

  3. No solo lo dejan a medio construir sino que también construyen las grúas me encantaría saber qué servidor es.

  4. Wow that looks awesome and so beautiful and that inspired me to made a city too and play more minecraft

  5. Finally the new version ! I have been waiting for 1 year ! It looks so beautiful 😍 ! Long live V 0.5.3 !

  6. This city has been in development for 6 years and to see yall building and fixing more areas till this day is just amazing to see

  7. The largest and most ambitious project that I have ever seen in Minecraft. How many years he has been developing, I do not get tired to follow him. Keep doing like that!

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