32 thoughts on “Hestia WordPress Theme Tutorial: Setup & Customize (Step-by-Step)

  1. Hola no me quedan los iconos de las redes sociales me queda en letra pero no el icono del logo, como tengo que hacer?

  2. can you change the font color of the main page message?? I cant find anywhere to change such a simple thing.

  3. Thanks for your work.
    I would like to edit or delete the Google map in the contact section but I didn't find any way to edit this section (free version)

  4. Is it possiblie to modify Hestia comments template? My website is in Portuguese, however, Hestia comments template in Blog section by default is in English. I don't see the option to change the text in Comments template and I would like to change titles like `Leave a Reply` ou `Post Comment`. If you could reply if its possible or not to change it in the free version. Thank you

  5. Greatt job!

    I'm searching good solutions about my website(hestia), and I saw your youtube content about hestia. Maybe you'll help me for what to do.

    I built website with turkish language, after that I add English version as a second language. But some details not working in english version, such as: transparent menü bar, pages appearance (services page) and url. I didn't use two language without subs domain.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Great tutorial! I am having a problem with setting up my ecommece on my blog. I do not have any product to sale. I have looked but have not had any luck. I have a book I would like to sell. But the plugin do not allow for that. Can you help?

  7. Does anyone know of a video that teaches how to edit the pages? This one doesn't go over that area at all 🙁

  8. Can I build my website using Hestia and publish it when I have finished. This way I can leave my current WP site up and running while I learn and use Hestia? Thanks for your tutorial.

  9. Hi, I cannot find a way to the comment section on my pages. I enabled the "allow comments" in all of them. Can you help me?

  10. The BEST TUTORIAL OUT THERE!!. straight forward building upon previous material. Taught like a teacher should teach. I wish you taught Full stack programming. You have to spoon feed newbies until they develop a strong foundation. Great job. Now I have great looking website and a good understanding of WordPress dashboard.

  11. Hi Robert, Thanks for all your tutorials. I have installed the Hestia theme for my blog. When I navigate to my blog page (set as per category), the Header (Title) text is in White. Like at 5:10 "Sample Page". Is there any option to change the text color to our choice? Because I've set header background also to white using CSS and the text by default is also white. Any CSS for this, please? Thanks!

  12. Excelent Thank you very much for all this information. I have a question is there a way to add a video on the header or put diferent headers images?

  13. Great tutorial, thanks for this, one question can we change the order of frontpage from the set order, for example, suppose I want blog section just after about section and subscribe after contact section can we change the order,

  14. PLEASE HELP! For the BLOG section in Frontpage Sections, where you see the clickable posts with the photos of the bears, mine is blank from removing the theme posts and I want to add my own items! Where do I edit that so I can add clickable blog posts? Please help it is crucial to my site.

  15. sendinblue denied me service for some reason and are being very vague. it's super frustrating as I am new at creating a blog (i'm a writer, not a web designer). i activated the plug-in Mailpoet instead but cannot figure out how to set that up on the subscribe section (min 17:54) on yours. Any help would be much appreciated!! thanks!

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