Home World Mini Shopping Mall Bujumbura Burundi | Shopping Vlog Beautiful Burundi Africa |#shopping

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I am Javed Ahmed from INDIA and living in Bujumbura,Burundi,AFRICA. Welcome to my you tube channel “Vlog & Tech”.

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Home World Mini Shopping Mall Bujumbura Burundi | Shopping Vlog Beautiful Burundi Africa |#shopping
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Burundi is such a beautiful country in Africa. Miss Trudy shows you best things to do in Bujumbura, Burundi.
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Burundi – Amagaba (Official Video)
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Burundi and Rwanda Compared
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This is The Poorest Country in the World
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Burundi #Gitega #Bujumbura
Concerns grow over cost, viability for Burundi’s new capital
Burundi: A New Beginning
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World’s BEST DRUMMERS (Burundi) 🇧🇮
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Bujumbura City
Bujumbura city “hidden jewel of Africa” , Burundi vlog
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Bujumbura, beautiful city in Burundi, at the shore of Lake Tanganyika, coffee, tin ore, copper, cotton,

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thernmost tributary of the Nile, described locally as the source of the Nile.

Ferries sail from Bujumbura to Kigoma in Tanzania. The city is home to the Bujumbura International Airport and the University of Burundi.
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