How jails extort the poor | Salil Dudani

Why do we jail people for being poor? Today, half a million Americans are in jail only because they can’t afford to post bail, and still more are locked up because they can’t pay their debt to the court, sometimes for things as minor as unpaid parking tickets. Salil Dudani shares stories from individuals who have experienced debtors’ prison in Ferguson, Missouri, challenging us to think differently about how we punish the poor and marginalized.

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38 thoughts on “How jails extort the poor | Salil Dudani

  1. The American "justice" system is a mafia extortion system controlled by psychopaths. It is time to deal with these psychopaths.


  3. Literally everything explained in this video is fictitious in the are I work. In the County jail here you MUST receive your medications, you are screened for mental health and physical health problems prior to booking, you HAVE to receive medical care. An individual who is in the County jail eats ample food, they receive the aid wanted and required. Heck there are certain people who purposefully commit a crime to go to jail to not be charged due to officer discretion. Just a point of view which it totally different from that which is presented here.

  4. Begs the question of how else can someone be discouraged from breaking a minor law if they don't have money to pay for a fine. Fines need to be indexed to ones income. Maybe they can do community service for breaking the law.

  5. The consequence of antisocial behavior is segregation from society… in nature as well as the modern world. Hold back the tide at your own will, do not expect others to follow.

  6. You can remove a person from a prison, but you will never remove a prison from a person's head.

  7. No values, no sanity . Your job to change these systems is a complete uphill battle because they aren't morally sane. How do you fight that?

  8. Where are all the lawyers when they are needed for society's biggest problems for the most vulnerable . Pro Bono . One precedent changes everything.
    Call the UN.

  9. There is a class action suit for opiods but this injustice against poor and blacks and disadvantaged is the biggest law suit against the courts that should be started . In Toronto , this cash grab against the poor who usually can't pay has been stopped.

  10. This is the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR IMMEDIATE TIME. This is the root of fatherlessness. And as such, the root of the criminal system in and of itself.

  11. YES! Debtors prison is a MASSIVE PROBLEM. I think it's something MOST all of us can get behind, but sadly this gentleman hasn't gone down the rabbit hole of this extortion Racquet.

  12. 3:53 – If you can't afford to pay you go to court and setup a payment plan. You don't simply shirk your fines. Yes I've had to do this, yes it sucks, but it was my fault for breaking the law. Not the government's fault for enforcing the laws.

    Also, warrants are not issued for "unpaid debt", they're issued for "failure to pay". There's a huge different.

  13. Who can change this? Who can stop it? A tough person wouldn't accept this. Why aren't the blacks in Ferguson fighting? I understand people under 30 not knowing enough, but the old have so much life experience and know they need to fight. How are they being stopped? Why are they procreating?

  14. So… What is the solution? Is it then proper for those too poor to pay fines are Not required to follow the laws that would put them in jail?
    Who will follow the parking laws if there is no consequence for violating them? Why would anyone inconvenience themselves if there is not a greater inconvenience for not following laws? I agree it is Very unfair to the poor, but What is the consequence that would be fair And encourage a compliance to the parking laws??

  15. TED is trying to shut up anyone who is disagreeing with their point of view on YouTube. TED is actively abusing the DMCA. This is not about sharing thoughts. This is all about "the right way to think".

  16. This is simply Racketeering.The problem is that (like everything else in America) jails are a bussiness. For jails to be profitable there must be criminals. To have criminals there must be crime. And if there is no crime then they must "criminalize" social behaviour… Specially from those who are unneducated and/or cannot afford to defend their rights. Ence, this state of things.

  17. There definitely needs to be a prison reform but the reason colored and middle eastern people are targeted more is simply because of repetitive experience… if you notice a specific race with a reoccurring theme of illegal action you should be more cautious of that race. That doesn't make you racist, it's just common sense. I've gotten searched multiple times at airports and I don't mind that because I've got nothing to hide.

  18. Warning: TED as of currently is false flagging other videos which provide criticism against there content under DCMA. It is becoming clear that TED is not in the business of spreading idea's only political propaganda.

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