How to Import Excel Data to Android

Importing Data from Excel to Android

In this tutorial I show you how to import data from excel into your Android Application. I use the Library “android5xlsx.” By the end of this video you will be able to incorporate excel data into any of your apps.

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38 thoughts on “How to Import Excel Data to Android

  1. Dear sir, Greetings of the day! I want to create an app which can extract data from excel, csv, xlsx formats and save into android sqlite database and then plot it in Mpandroid chart. If you could help me , please prepare series on it, in kotlin. Searched on youtube but couldn't find good tutorial Thanks in advance

  2. I have an accounting sheet How to convert the sheet into a special Android application that only Thank you for helping me

  3. This made my resulting .aab file some 4Mb larger in size. How to avoid this? Is there any other light weight solution?

  4. Hi Sir . It was a great video. I've successfully implemented this and it's working on devices below Android 10. Though I can't seem to get it working on a device with Android 10. I couldn't find any reasons for it not to work. The issue is in the method checkInternalStorage(). It can read the SD Card but unable to perform ' file.listFiles()' . This returns 'NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION Attempt to get length of null array'. Read, Write permissions are already provided. Hope you'll look into it. Thanks.

  5. Los datos suministrados parecen estar en Office 2007+ XML. Está llamando a la parte de PDI que se ocupa de los documentos de Office OLE2. Debe llamar a una parte diferente de POI para procesar estos datos (por ejemplo, XSSF en lugar de HSSF)

    why this error??

  6. Can you make read data from excel (name and address) into maps marker, show into list view and adding button for tracking

  7. Hi Mitch.. This is my first app for Android tablet. I liked this tutorial very much. I am trying to modify it to read 3 string/text columns from an excel file, from internal storage. Can you help me? .. I did not realize until after I added all this code to Android Studio that our tablet did not have a SD card. I have been looking around trying to figure it out but no success yet. I am hoping you can help me with this.. thank you in advance.

  8. i want to make an app where someone needs to submit an excel file with two rows and two columns and then i will save the excel on the user's phone, and make it a list, is that possible doing from what you have shown in the vid?

  9. hello sir! please do this favor to me. can you please send me java code and xml code in a notepad file at "". this is because i cannot extrect those from rar file.

  10. can this be used to not only gather info, but edit and create it too? im trying to make a basic database and i need to be able to create, edit, and add to existing files.

  11. @Mitch Tabian
    Hi I watched the video and you said at the beginning that we can take the excel file x,y values and use them to make a scatter plot. How can I do that?

  12. Sir I'm facing this error when ever i click on the excel file poixmlexception (java) java.lang.reflect.invocationtargetexception , please sir if you know about it tell me because i'm currently working on a school project and i need to solve this now

  13. The last step that you have done when the button of the Memory didn't respond, I didn't catch it
    so may you tell me what is it? since i am facing the same problem here
    thank you

  14. All the rows imported twice if I once taped on the item and then double clicked on the same item,
    if I double click directly on the item then working fine,
    any solution please

  15. Hey,
    I want to put the excel sheet in the Android studio itself and use it as a source instead of taking it from my external memory.
    Is it something possible?

  16. Thanks for the useful video. I am having a difficulty in typing the commands in the mainactivity. Can you please help me where I can find these commands. you said in your video that we can copy them. can you tell me where I can find them to be copied? thanks.

  17. @Mitch Tabian,
    I try to plot a graph with my uploaddata in another activity. How can i get a reference from both double values to the other screen ?
    Thank you in advance !

  18. import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFSheet;
    import org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.XSSFWorkbook;
    these two lines are giving errors and not importing to project plz help

  19. Greate tutorial dude!
    one question: do you know how to take int values from a sqlite database and then use them for a graphic??
    thank you

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