How to Make SUBTITLES for Videos with Aegisub [COMPLETE GUIDE]

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How to make SUBTITLES with Aegisub Subtitle Editor [COMPLETE GUIDE]

00:01:09 Download Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor
00:02:16 How to use Aegisub to make subtitles for your videos
00:15:14 Modify the subtitle styles
00:25:31 Divide your subtitle rows
00:26:52 Add effects to your subtitles
00:29:37 Export, test and upload subtitles to YouTube

In this video you will learn how to make subtitles for your videos & films using Aegisub Subtitle editor. In the tutorial we show you how to create subtitles for any film and video using tools and techniques in Aegisub. How to use basic tools in Aegisub subtitles editor. We are also teaching how to modify the subitlte styles, add effects and how to export the subtitles. In the end of this video we will learn how to upload the subtitles to YouTube without errors so keep watching till the end!

I also talk about a software called Maestra – you can create the subtitles automatically with Maestra. You can also do voiceovers and transcriptions with Maestra (automatically).
I am their affiliate so if you want to support my channel, please click the link above to register and check Maestra out. The first 30 minutes is FREE minutes as you start using Maestra.

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12 thoughts on “How to Make SUBTITLES for Videos with Aegisub [COMPLETE GUIDE]

  1. I have a question. If i make the subtitle but the film is uploaded in a website is the format still "srt" like on youtube or its different

  2. Thank you for the video. I like to sub as the video plays but every time I move to the next line (using up and down arrows) the video and audio pauses and I have to click the play button. Any tips on how to solve this. Never used to happen before.

  3. If you want to use the transparent box for subtitles, I think it would be better if you put 0 for shadow, and just put the value fpr outline (for example 3 or 5).

  4. Hi there, thanks for the video. I noticed colors and all the cool settings only show up if you save the file in .ass format, not in .srt
    Have you run into this problem before? When you upload the .ass file to YouTube, the subtitles don't work properly. The subtitles show properly when I upload an .srt file but then all the formatting is lost. Have you run into this problem before?

  5. Do you know what would be really smart and time-saving? A hotkey for "start selection" and a hotkey for "end selection". Kind of the I and O keys in premiere pro, but to define the subtitle times. Anything else is fluff. Ain't nobody got time to subtitle a 1h+ video the way you're doing, manually dragging the line like a loser and listening to each segment 5 times.

  6. Hey, this is really great! it helped a lot. I do have a question for you: i need to add a little gap inbetween every line, that is, i was requested not to leave lines sticked one to another, there must be a very brief pause in between every line. Since the program concatenates every line automatically, as you show in this video, my question is this: is there any way to automate it? or i have to edit every line one by one?

  7. I save export , I select save as type: SubRip (*srt) but comes out as a text document. Like yours, the aegisub icon doesn't come out

  8. Captain Jack Sparrow , I thought you just forgot about us (your subs) . Thanks for coming back 🤗 Appreciate it , really .

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