How to Remove Text from Image in Photoshop

This tutorial is going to show you how to remove text from an image in Photoshop.

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to remove text from image in Photoshop.

Step # 1 — Deleting a Text Layer

Before we get into more complicated ways of removing text in Photoshop, you should make sure you can’t remove it very easily. Check the layers panel and see if the text has a separate layer, here you can see that it does and if you simply click on this and press “Delete” on the keyboard the text will disappear, problem solved. However, if the text and layer have been merged things become a bit more complicated.

Step # 2 — Merging the Text onto the Background

To make things harder lets press “Control” and “Z” to bring back that text and then merge it with the background image by clicking “Layers” then “Flatten Image”. Now that text has become merged with the background and any part of the image that was behind the text has been lost. Fortunately, one of the coolest tools in Photoshop can be used to fix this situation — the “Content Aware” tool.

Step # 3 — Selecting the Text

Select the “Magic Wand Tool” from the toolbar on the left and click in the first letter of the text, it will become selected. Now, hold down the “Shift” key and repeat this process for all of the other letters. Once you have done that click “Select” in the main menu, navigate to “Modify” and click expand. Enter 3 pixels and then click “OK”.

Step # 4 — Using Content Aware Fill

Now, press “Shift” and “Backspace” on the keyboard and in the “Fill” window that appears select “Content-Aware” from the drop down box and click “OK”. Photoshop will work some magic for a moment and then the text will disappear from the screen, only the selection will be left. Press “Control” and “D” and the selection will disappear and unless someone looks very closely it will be impossible to tell there was ever text there and that is how to remove text from image in Photoshop.


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30 thoughts on “How to Remove Text from Image in Photoshop

  1. it really works and a big help for me…. thanks for this man. more power and stay safe. God bless

  2. im making a GIF from a movie but it has subtitles hard coded, not sure if this can be used easily or if i have to do it frame by frame. dang lol

  3. This was a lifesaver for me! Being new to PS I originally tried to use the spot remover tool and it worked fine for a lot of the text but in some spots where the background was less flat it caused some blurring. This method worked perfectly although I had to zoom in to 400% and click a bunch of times to get all the text selected.

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