25 thoughts on “How to Repair or Replace Boot.ini in Windows XP | TechwithGuru

  1. I did every thing like it should be and it didnt work. I had installed dual boot systems, win 7 and win XP until win XP broke down. I was going to reinstall it, proces moved all the way and when it had to restart this error showed up.

  2. Thank you!  I went through several help pages but this is the first thing that worked for me. Seeing your exact keystrokes is what made it more useful than other sources.

  3. I have done all of this . And the computer works just fine except. when I go to shut down  the computer it doesn't shut down the whole way. do you have a fix for this.  It kind of looks like there was just a light left on.  I have to hit the button to turn it off.  This is windows xp pro and is a Dell computer

  4. I want to thank you for your time and effort on making this video ..I tried  other videos and they didn't work in fixing the problem.  3 hour of my time learned alot but no luck until I tried your video.  this only took 10 min if that.  Thank you   🙂

  5. I have a spare Dell Optiplex GX 280 its better then the Dimension I have.  The Optiplex has windows Xp Professionel also. Forgot the Administrator password and I dont have the windows Xp pro cd. How can bypass the password?  I tried the removal of the tiny green 2 pin jumper method  and that didnt work. I also, removed the Cmos battery. 
    That didnt work. After, <Press> hold <Shift> F10 for one minute. I t brought up a screen to either press F1 to continue  That brings back same problem before at log in menu. 
    or F2 to Run System Utility.     Do, I run System Utility and where at to bypass. Admin password. It did allow me to change it but I stil Can not log into windows?  

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