50 thoughts on “How to root htc one s step by step and unlock bootloader Part 1

  1. Amigo muy bueno tu post pero de donde saco esos tres archivos, ya entre al link me he descargado el pack de sdk Eclipse ADT Bundle y no encuentro esos 3 archivos que se necesitan espero me ayudes gracias!! 

  2. OMG thank you thank you!!!

    At first it wasn't working real well, but I was on a windows 8 laptop…. Then I tired it on the windows 7 desktop, and it worked flawlessly! You are a lifesaver my friend! ٩(๛ ˘ ³˘)۶♥

  3. My Command prompt keeps saying waiting for device. A little later a pop-up appears and says that the connected device isn't recognized. Please help =).

  4. I want to use my HTC as a hotspots WiFi thetherring and my tel is with boostmobile the tel will not let me and company denies to give the WiFi services what do I have to do C525c


    You have made a messy video too. But this is too damaging for a first time user.

  6. Hello Sunny I did everything and my phone was working fine,yesterday I went in twrp  recovery mode and wiped everything by accident.. it now says I have no OS on my phone and when I try to open my phone it only shows white logo please help.

    Dec 14 2012,17:10:57:-1


    Please I need some help,thank you.

  7. my htc one s is already unlocked, but it still tells me I cant use other sim cards than my provider's. Is that because my phone is unrooted?

  8. fastboot oem get_identifier_token in this folder like you said, htc on my computer via usb, usb-debugging on, restarted white screen, fastboot usb. entered command on my pc and it stands waiting for device forever, does anybody know what the problem is?

  9. hi i accidentally factory reset my ph after rooting and it wont turn on. please advice how to turn it on again.i have htc one s. please advice how to fix it. any help will be very much appreciated.

  10. What can we do on 4.1 one s? Bootloader is unlocked, but recovery steps you mention just give me a red triangle on my phone screen. Any suggestions would help, really stuck on that part. Not much love for one s, I see why… It's such a hassle to work on.

  11. hi sunny! how to upgrade htc one s version 4.1 to 4.3?…. please can you help me doing that or please make a video.its not only for me but also my friends.please……

  12. @William G : There might be a space at every beginning of the line of your token that you should delete to retrieve the correct token length.

  13. Sunny, which version of recovery did you use? I currently have on my HTC One S 4.1.1 and the image stays in "Entering Recovery". Please help.

  14. when I extract there is no fastboot or none of what you're showing. just folders containing more folders with a bunch of files.

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