How to Root HTC One X!

Here’s how to root your HTC One X step-by-step with everything you need included in the description below:

UPDATE: Looks like this method also works for One S just so you know.

This is for Windows computers, for Mac OSX, please see this video instead:

It will not erase your personal media files such as photos and videos.
I suggest you to root as soon as you get your phone so you don’t have to start over.

For downloads and full Step-by-Step instructions, go here:

For AT&T HTC One X, if you have latest ICS 2.20 firmware, see this instead:

Also please see the universal root method instead:

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*****HTC One X Reference*****

If you are new to HTC One X Rooting and ROMs, please see our One X Root Guide first:

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Author: admin

38 thoughts on “How to Root HTC One X!

  1. Besides that, I've lost SoundHound, Sound Recorder and Calculator as well. Also checked the comments on the new Cyanogedmod 12 you propose and make a video on, that lots of people have all sort of pretty important nagging issues … so why would you do all this, including a site on it!? … To all of you guys trying to do it, check thoroughly if it really worth rooting your phone or is it just for the sake of 'feeling' a bit like a hacker …. Now I ended up without my personal data, the apps above missing and my old version of Android. My advice: don't do it.

  2. Hey Max Lee! I've lost all my pics and videos and many other personal data because I listened and watched your video …

    I understand that maybe it was too hard for you to update your video with such an important aspect, but I think you could have edit one line in the first lines under your introduction below the video with IMPORTANT UPDATE: SAVE YOUR PICS & VIDEOS AS THEY WILL BE LOST!!! Not as written on the video and verbally affirmed that only personal setting and apps will be deleted …!?! …

    Lost 25 GB of pics, videos and personal data as of you not correcting the video …. !?
    Hope you feel awesome, as I don't, after losing all pics with places I've been, family and friends photos …

  3. how did you get that bootloader recovery mine is a twrp one i used for a different try. is this a problem how do i get yours?
    now when i try to install supersu it just says: failed.

  4. Please help! when i dowload the driver from the link mentioned above i don't get a zipped folder i just get 1 .msi file i cant locate that trough manual update. please someone this root is taking so much time 🙁

  5. I notice your phone is an AT&T. I am in Australia and I get the triangle when I try to root. Any other instructions to get mine rooted?

  6. Please help!! I already got stuck at the first step!!!! I cant choose if my PC should only charge my phone, or Disk Drive…. How can I do that?! Its on android 4.2.2 the lastest version of HTC One X!

  7. could someone help me?
    when i try do press recovery, after a while the quity brilliant logo pop up, after that the screen goes black. and thats it, nothing happend 🙁

    any ideas ?

  8. hey , I got to the part where you get the identifier token but whenever I put that command in , it says waiting on device what do it do?

  9. Hey Max. I love all you videos … it helps me learning more & more about rooting … My HTC One X is not booting in bootloader mode when I press the right keys ? It's Volume Down & Power button and then it immediately boots up to HTC – Quiet Brilliant screen … It just won't bootup in bootloader mode !! Please help!!
    I flashed a ROM , Android L 51.1. CM 12.1 and it's stuck at the booting screen … I tried to boot in bootloader again .. it won't bother booting in bootloader … So anyone … And Max … Please help!

  10. my htc one x is not recognized by my computer when i put it in bootloader mode, how do i make it a recognized device, it was recognized before

  11. till 12:49 all is going good acc to ur video…..but then after i do recovery the phone is showing an image of an "exclamation mark above a phone" kindly let me know what is to be done after!!!!!!

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