How to Start An E-Commerce Business ( CHY SHOPPING MALL )

This video will show you how to start an E-commerce Business. The platform used here is the CHY shopping Mall. At CHY Shopping Mall Participants can own a complete online shop where they can trade commodities and earn profits every 10-12 days
This system of trading is called THE NEW RETAIL CONCEPT. it was proposed by JACK MA, Chinese Billionaire and founder of
More details on how to join the platform call or send a whatsAPP message to the following phone number 2348036496351


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4 thoughts on “How to Start An E-Commerce Business ( CHY SHOPPING MALL )

  1. What I don't understand about the business is calling it an E-commerce. E- commerce like jumia, Alibaba and the rest of them.. individuals can go on the site and buy whatever dey want. From what you explained we can't do that.. it's more of u register u get d products and sell offline.. and they sell your products for you.. who buys them since the site can't come alive when you type out the address. Also must someone that is already a member do the registration for you?.. I don't get.. please explain

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