23 thoughts on “Humberto: Phoenix's First Hispanic Postmaster | Cause of Life – NYT Opinion

  1. Nyt you lost a long time reader for firing your editor about tweets that werent actually political. Neutrality is not objectivity nor is it fairness.

  2. Opinion, NY Times getting ready to have to pay Project Veritas a lot of money because they don't print the truth. Times even retracted thier story about voter fraud in Minnesota, then asked the judge to dismiss thier case. Not happening. Veritas has never lost a case. Times are gonna pay.

  3. I have never seen so savage and blood thirsty of a pounding to ever be given like the one James O'Keefe gave you in his latest video. Can't wait to watch this lawsuit play out. That dude is willing to drop six figures JUST to show how truly worthy of toilet paper your paper has become. Cannot wait to see your organization of woke zombies go under and dissolved. Sure, one would hope you'd get some actual journalists back in the building bud we all know that'll simply never happen. When the Grey Lady finally goes under, maybe Project Veritas will pen and essay on the downfall and call it the 2016 project. 😂😂😂😂 Enjoy that lawsuit, "guys".

  4. Project Veritas is gonna take your lunch while they expose your corporation as a medium for propaganda and falsehoods

  5. I never knew him, but I sure wish I had. Beautiful — his legacy continues through his family and all the lives he touched.

  6. He had fails just like all of us, but the good in him was overwhelming. He is an example to follow. Hope his family is safe and their pain eventually becomes the happiness of remembering him.

  7. I'm downvoting this title because I just don't care if he's the first Hispanic postmaster. I do care if he's going to do a good job.

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