HYPERVSN Seasonal Campaign for Liverpool Mall in Mexico City

Nothing gives you more Christmas-time magic than #HYPERVSN, as our partner in Mexico NOMO PRO proved with their incredible display at the historical Liverpool Mall in Mexico City for their 2019 Christmas campaign.

Setting up three Solo M units outside at the Mall’s entrance, protected with transparent durable plastic boxing, their designers created truly magical and astounding 3D visuals, that definitely brought some real Christmas wonder to the audience’s evening.

Watch their reaction here, and see how powerful HYPERVSN can upgrade your own seasonal campaign:

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1 thought on “HYPERVSN Seasonal Campaign for Liverpool Mall in Mexico City

  1. Excellent! Make miniature versions of your technology and put it in Christmas tree ornaments! Great video! Thanks for sharing❗❗❗ 🙂🙂🙂 👍👍👍

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