‘I felt so alone' | Singapore's foreign brides | Invisible Asia

What should have been the honeymoon period of Anna Ng’s marriage to a Singaporean was instead eclipsed by homesickness.

This is part of a weekly series in which ST correspondents cast the spotlight on people and communities living in the shadows:


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9 thoughts on “‘I felt so alone' | Singapore's foreign brides | Invisible Asia

  1. I just find this video, i already lived and married in singapore for 4 years but nobody from singapore government contact me and help my loneliness…hopefully this government will help other forigner like me….so sad being lonely in here

  2. Low income earners work longer hours, overtime just to make up with their low wages. This is the bitter truth. I pay you 900 and 1100 a month which is insufficient and the poor worker does over time to earn 1600-1800 hence he is hardly at home. Its all about profits and KPI

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