I went to the American Expo in Gulf View Trinidad and Tobago for the first time! | C3| GULFCITY MALL

I went to the American Expo in Gulf View Trinidad and Tobago for the first time! October 12th 2020 click timestamp | 07:17 – 09:50 . I hope you all enjoy this Vlog. I also went C3 Centre, and Gulf City mall to show how the shopping experience changed since C 19. All music used were produced by me and can be viewed on my main Channel (See link below) Many of the mall recording had music playing hence my limited talking in the malls and many showing Scenery. VIEW timestamp for Important talking parts.

Intro | 00:00 – 01:17

Drive from Brian Lara Cricket Academy to C3 Centre | 01:17 – 02:30

In C3 Centre | 02:31 – 04:22
Inside C3 | 03:28

Drive from C3 Centre to the American Expo, Gulf View | 04:23 – 06:36

The American Expo | 06:37 – 09:50
Views on the Expo | 09:25

Areissa Driving Skill | 09:46 – 09:55 ; 10:37 – 11:15

Drive from the American Expo to Gulf City Mall | 09:51 – 10:52

Gulf City Mall | 11:16 –
Beautiful Scene at Gulf City mall | 13:04
Food places closed at the Mall | 13:35 – 14:14
Difficult times | 14:32 – 15:10
Views on how things change | 15:36
Waterfall | 16:02

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Music in video. (All produced by myself PJJ BOSS views links below to my Music/Art Channel )
Female Drummer Empowerment Song | ROMPAPAPA YEYDA YEYDA Official Lyric Video ORIGINAL by PJJ BOSS

Blade Instrumental PJJ BOSS Original

In my head PJJ BOSS Original

Chase Instrumental 2020 remix PJJ BOSS Original

Forgotten Instrumental by PJJ BOSS Original

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