Indian Reaction On – The Secret Of Gwadar City | Gwadar City tour | Balochistan | Fatal Reactions |

Indian Reaction On – The Secret Of Gwadar City | Gwadar City tour | Balochistan | Fatal Reactions |

Entitled “Integrated Gwadar Smart Port City Master Plan (2017-2050)” the document promises the delivery of a glorious future for this seaside corner of Western Pakistan. Among the exciting predictions are that the population of Gwadar Port will explode from around 300,000 to 2 million in the next 30 years.

It is expected the size of the city’s economy will surge from $0.6bn to $30bn annually.

That growth will be fuelled by a rise in employment from 105,000 to 1.1 million jobs.

This in turn will propel the number of households from just under 16,000 to over 250,000.

Clearly, land for residential building will be at a premium due to the huge demand from the expected rush of immigrants to Gwadar.

The Master Plan envisages Gwadar becoming the main port in Western Pakistan, servicing China and the five Central Asian countries.

It will be the focal point for the trade centres of Afghanistan, South Asia and the neighbouring Middle East.

The port’s throughput will rise from 44m tons to nearly 200m pushing the per capita GDP from just $2000 per year to $15,000, nearly three times Pakistan’s current rate.

Among the Master Plan’s highlights are:

Port development & economic free zone
International transport links, including international airport
Infra-structure, including major road-network, electricity & water supply
Industrial & manufacturing developments
Commercial developments
Residential developments
Utilities, including water, sewage, gas & electricity
Food production & supply
Facilities, including healthcare, educational, religious, sports & recreational
Telecommunications, including high-speed internet
Security, including storm measures
Tourism developments
Sustainability & ecological projects
CPIC are in the perfect position to help you with your residential land investment in Gwadar.

Our first state-of-the-art development, International Port City, sold out in record time.

It is the first major community in Gwadar’s private sector to be handed over to investors.

The development is a sustainable mixed-use gated community with more than 55% dedicated to open spaces.

Land has been allocated for schools, a hospital, a shopping mall and financial district. Once completed it will include more than 1200 homes across 3.6 Million square feet.

Our latest project in Gwadar is China Pak Golf Estates.

This grand golf city community worth $265 Million will deliver a luxurious living experience.

It is secure and gated and spread across 6.7 million square feet.

Tailor-made for professionals working in the flourishing port city of Gwadar, it provides all of the amenities and facilities needed for a quality lifestyle and is set to become the most desirable residential and lifestyle address in Gwadar.

Golf enthusiasts will be able to indulge their passion at the Residents Golf Course and those who like to explore will find easy access to the CPEC Coastal Highway.

China Pak Golf Estates is perfectly situated just four miles from the beach and resorts, eight miles from Gwadar International Airport and ten Miles from New Town Gwadar.

The community has its own international shopping mall, a multi-plex cinema, community parks, the China Pak Medical Centre, the China Pak High School and a state of the art, Eco-Zone Recycling Centre.

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