Installing Windows XP on Windows 7 on Windows 10 (XP Mode Demo)

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On boy, it’s another experiment video! Today, we’ll be trying to install Windows XP Mode inside of a Windows 7 VM running on my Windows 10 PC. Let’s see what I got myself into.

Windows Virtual PC:
Windows XP Mode:

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43 thoughts on “Installing Windows XP on Windows 7 on Windows 10 (XP Mode Demo)

  1. Good advice. I'm having odd network connections. Some pages will load without a problem and others will tell me there is a internet connectivity issue. It's doing my head in.

  2. I have an old program that will only run on XP. Can I somehow install windows XP on my new windows 10? If you know, I'd sure like to know. NOTE: I actually have an old Windows XP installation disc. I'm not very computer literate, so if you have the time to tell me how, please be very specific. I have had computers for 25 years but I still don't understand technical computer talk. Thanks!

  3. Oracle's VirtualBox also has a feature like this, I remember using it to run Linux programs before WSL existed.

    of course now I use Linux primarily.

  4. Installing Windows 95 on Windows 98 on Windows ME on Windows XP on Windows Vista on Windows 7 on Windows 8 on Windows 8.1 on Windows 10

  5. They should make windows xp mode for windows 10 and they should make a Windows 7 mode for windows 10 and maybe Windows 95 and windows 3.1 mode for windows 10 like if you agree

  6. i keep an old asus gaming rig with W7 on it around, just so i can run older games on the XP mode shell. you need the W7 Professional version, and possibly some BIOS enables to do it though. W7 Home / Student, etc won't do it.

  7. Try windows xp mode on windows 10. I only want you to do this because xp mode looks cool and I want it on my win10 pc.

  8. Download for Windows XP Mode is stil hosted, as i'm writing this Comment date is: 07.07.2020 (American date: 07.07.2020)

  9. I used to have Windows 7 Pro on my old 2008-ish Compaq laptop (which has Vista basic pre-installed), and when I attempted to install XP mode it complained about my PC did not meet the basic requirements, so I never had a chance to run that. 🙁

  10. I have XP Mode on Windows 10 – is this a new Windows 10 feature or am I missing something? I have XP Sp2 and Sp3 modes available on Properties…

  11. QQ: Can this windows xp installed inside windows 10? I have a lot of games that run smoothly on windows xp, can I use this xp to run my game? My games are crashing regularly or not running in windows 10 at all.

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