Investing in Collectibles, Stocks, Mutual Funds during the Pandemic: How WEALTH is BUILT!

*** Please note that this and any illustrations, stocks listed, and mutual funds stated, are not a recommendation. Don’t take investment advice from a dude who films YouTube videos at 1 AM in the morning, EST. Thank you! ***

In this video, I show how I spent my time in quarantine during the pandemic with myself, collectibles, a crazy stock market, and a little bit of knowledge and determination…

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23 thoughts on “Investing in Collectibles, Stocks, Mutual Funds during the Pandemic: How WEALTH is BUILT!

  1. Great video! I think a lot of people don't understand that markets change. And it make a ton of sense to put the money from the short term gains of the collectible stuff into the market and securing the likely hood of income streams later by putting it into funds. I really don't understand how people think their pikachus will be worth more later down the line for them to cash in on.

  2. Shawn whats your opinion about the Wallstreetbets about gamestop ? can you say it in your videos? best regards!

  3. Yes, that does look a little weird ur suggestion to stop doing it was a good one… hah… good video, I see it as the basics of supply and demand. The hard part is seeing which direction the supply/demand is going until it has already happened ??? good video, keep them up. I’m in sports cards collecting thru this pandemic and the demand is still there so the time to sell is hard to determine cause its still going up ????

  4. Curious to know if you would have shorted any the stocks during the start of the pandemic had you already owned them.

  5. extremely educational. Honestly I've watched all your videos so far. keep them coming and thanks for the free education Shaun.
    I will mail you at some point a graded Pikachu as thanks 🙂

  6. Sean, thank you for adding this idea to our minds and showing how practical it is to build wealth. I can see why you invest now.

  7. Great video, would be super cool if you could explain in dumbed down layman's terms what a dividend is exactly and how you can find out which companies offer it, thanks!

  8. My favorite topic! I did the same as well capitalizing on the pandemic with stocks like Target, Clorox, Paypal, Scotts Miracle etc. Then started to pile up on Simon Property, Disney, Chevron, and Store Capital. Oh, Don't forget how much liquidity the Federal Reserve released to help.

  9. im glad to see you are a little less angry than before in your videos. but there still way to go to not look like an angry teacher. watching you talk is little stressful

  10. eeeuuuhhhh agreed!! no seriously i regret the timmys who bought charizards at 4K-8-10- and more. cashed in on those tho XD

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