29 thoughts on “Is The Shake Shack Hype Real?

  1. The first time you have Shake Shack should be inside the restaurant, and not for a review. It's too pricey to say it's fast food, and probably too good. It's so much better eating it right away. I would recommend the SmokeShack and Cheese Fries. The Chick'n' Shack is also very good, and so is the Frozen Custard.

  2. One of my favorite things about your reviews is your poker face while eating every meal. It's suspenseful not knowing what you're thinking or experiencing until you finish taking your last bite.

  3. A sideways crescent moon and the wave of the ocean 🥺only reviewbrah could describe a burger bag so perfectly

  4. That’s that Martin’s potato bread my friend. Best in the business. I love potato bread and rolls, but the first time I had Martin’s….. well I’ll never eat any other potato bread. I only switch it up when it’s sold out honestly, and when that happens I get a completely different type of bread. Martin’s or bust.

  5. There was a shake shack a three min walk away from my house. I walked in one day, saw the prices, walked out, and never ate there.

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