KILL DEREK AND STEVE – Mafia II – Definitive Edition (TAGALOG) | Part 14

silent PL plays (Mafia II – Definitive Edition) Part 14 | 60fps HIGH|MAX

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Mafia II – Definitive Edition Synopsis:

Set nearly a decade after the first game, Mafia II takes place between two distinct time periods — the mid-1940s, and the early 1950s — within the fictional U.S. city of Empire Bay; the game’s first chapter takes place in an unnamed town within Sicily, while the sixth is set within a prison somewhere outside Empire Bay. The city is situated on the United States’ eastern coastline and divided by a river, and consists of several districts, including wealthy suburbs, slums and tenement blocks for the city’s different immigrant races, including Irish, African-American, Chinese, and Italian, and large-scale industrial complexes, with the city supported by a large port, a railroad station, a major prison outside its city limits, several parks, and a collection of shopping malls and supermarkets.

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