Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend In Real Life 2020

Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend In Real Life 2020
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Kim Soo Hyun’s Girlfriend in Real Life, in terms of money and salary per drama episode, there’s no doubt that Kim Soo Hyun of It’s Okay Not To Be Okay is on top of the game. He is considered as the highest paid South Korean actor with mouth-watering one hundred sixty-five thousand U.S. dollar salary per episode and this has gained him a total of 1 billion U.S. dollars already.
More than the fame, glitz and glamour, Kim Soo Hyun’s face and aura are something that’s driving his fans crazy. Hence, believe it or not, the actor himself Kim Soo Hyun has created a checklist for a perfect girl that he is looking for in the future! Are you ready girls?
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Here is Kim Soo Hyun’s Checklist and Qualifications for His Future Girlfriend,
Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend in Real Life Number One, You have to be sad because of me, want to die because of me and feel regretful only because of me. According to the first requirement from Kim Soo Hyun, he is looking for a girlfriend who will love him deeply in such a way that he or Kim Soon Hyun himself must be the only reason why his girlfriend will feel sad or feel regretful about anything. This may sound self-centered to many but Kim Soo Hyun only wants someone who will dedicate someone’s attention to himself only. If we are to look at the other side of this checklist, it means that he will also feel sad or feel regretful because of his girlfriend or someone that he really loves. Do you think you can easily handle this first requirement?
Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend in Real Life Number Two, You have to think about me no matter who you look at, and most importantly, you can’t be suspicious of me. According to Kim Soo Hyun, if you want to be considered as his girlfriend in real life, you should always think of him no matter where or who you look at. This means that as long as you stare at something or someone, Kim Soo Hyun should always be at the back of your head. Most importantly, you should trust Kim Soo Hyun at all times and you are not allowed to be suspicious of him if you really want to become his girlfriend in real life.
Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend in Real Life Number Three, You can’t meddle in my life either, because that’s annoying. I’m good at cussing you out. Well, Kim Soo Hyun has already given us a warning about how he values his privacy. If you want to become Kim Soo Hyun’s Girlfriend In Real Life, you should not meddle into private things about his life. It must be true that partners share everything about private stuff but for Kim Soo Hyun, he won’t really like it if you try to meddle into something that he prefers to keep it only to himself. On the other hand, as a future Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend in Real Life, he will also respect your own little world of privacy.

Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend in Real Life Number Four, But when I need you, you always have to be there. I lack affection in my life. This requirement is somewhat easy to follow for all aspiring Kim Soo Hyun’s Girlfriend in Real Life but reading it again may bring a bit of sadness to every Kim Soo Hyun fans. He clearly mentioned that he wants you to always be with him whenever he needs you because he lacks affection in his life. He did not clarify this line if it pertains to his current life or childhood days but as his potential future girlfriend, Kim Soo Hyun hopes that you’ll be able to give him the love and affection that he deserves. As an aspiring Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend in Real Life, is it something that you can do for your one and only Kim Soo Hyun?


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9 thoughts on “Kim Soo Hyun Girlfriend In Real Life 2020

  1. If you he hit the real love, I think all his requirements or qualifications it’s changes, base on his body language when with SYJ it’s looks like his the one smitten to much…

  2. If this is the requirements of Kim Soo yun until now, then probably the girl he was looking for, do not love herself, no self esteem at all, no self respect , and she is just nothing.

  3. he wrote this when he was 20 years old on a blog. It wasn't a list of requirements. This video is taken completely out of context, recycling the musings and venting of a young kid 12years later and trying to make it seem like it's something a grown Kim Soo Hyun has said, is in poor taste.

    This is a clickbait video for people who don't know better

  4. For what reason I was never fond of him. I watched 2 of his K-dramas as recommended by friend. It’s not very long ago that I started to watch them. My impression of him was that he was stiff n cold. Doesn’t even open his mouth when talking or laughing. Didn’t see any warmth in him. If I were given a choice I would not go out with him. I don’t want to be judge mental cause I don’t know him at all but based on what you said or did he really say these requirements he is an egoist, self centered, narcissistic person. And selfish too. Does he lack attention? He himself said something to the effect that he lacked affection. Very rare for a Korean celebrity or famous actor to reveal this as I personally think it’s good to his image. I read he is the highest paid Korean actor. Just my opinion.

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