39 thoughts on “Kyuhyun, God of Math in Idol World! (Eng/Esp)

  1. I thought the math God was Kim Jeong Hoon 🤔 that guy solves the most complicated calc problems as easy as adding 1+1. Nonetheless every woman loves a guy who’s actually legit smart, so yay for Kyuhyun.

  2. Guys, Kyuhyun is a math genius. Taeil ( nct) is also genius in math. Taeil loves Kyuhyun. Man what SM is waiting for?

  3. my fav subject also is math,
    and im only good in math, always get A+ tho😳
    i dunno my IQ is how much(im stupid tbh😂)
    but i know im not that good like kyuhyun🤔he is genius

  4. Kyuhyun: My favorite subject is Mathematics.

    Me: I hate Math more than anything in this world…Idk why…just I hate that subject.. Hahaha

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