Learn Basic German Language Lesson 18 At the Shopping Mall I Einkaufen Im Kaufhaus I Die Kleidung

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In 18th lesson for today we are going to learn vocabulary and phrases which will help to do shopping in a departmental store for clothes in a German speaking country.

Please check out the playlist, for this series, for my previous lessons and future videos.

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Channel Introduction

This series, is about Learning Basic Conversations in German (Deutsch) Language, throughout this series we will be learning lots of vocabulary, words, phrases and sentences with examples which are used in daily life. This will help you to communicate in German, if you are visiting a German speaking country or if you making new friends.

There is only one tip, I want to share one tip with you. Whatever you learn in these lessons, please practice them a few times, this will help you to get a good command and help you remember the pronunciation.

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