Learn English Tenses: PRESENT PERFECT

It’s time to learn the PRESENT PERFECT. What does it mean to say “I have worked” or “I have understood”? Many students are confused by the PRESENT PERFECT TENSE, because it combines the past and the present. Yet this advanced verb tense can lead to success in a job interview or on your IELTS! In this complete English class, I’ll show you how to use this tense, when to use it, and what mistakes to avoid. You will move forward step-by-step, to master this tense by learning structure, usage, pronunciation, spelling, contractions, questions, short answers, past participles, regular verbs, and irregular verbs. Then, continue your progress through my complete English Tenses series by watching the next lesson, which compares the present perfect and past simple tenses:

Introduction to Present Perfect 0:00
When to use the Present Perfect tense 5:19
Present Perfect: Common Expressions 9:42
When not to use the Present Perfect tense 15:19
How to use the Present Perfect tense: Regular Verbs 20:33
How to use the Present Perfect tense: Irregular Verbs 26:51
Present Perfect: Contractions 32:02
Present Perfect: Short Answers 37:27
Present Perfect: Practice 40:26
Present Perfect: Common Errors 46:12
Present Perfect: Conclusion 54:53

After the lesson, take the quiz:

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