Life is a Carnival at West Edmonton Mall – Vintage WEM Commercial from 1992 – Best Edmonton Mall

Special Thanks to Old Dusty VHS Tapes:



What does a creepy clown, an amusement park, mini golf, a wave pool, water slides, and a bungee tower all have in common? Well, Life is a Carnival as West Edmonton Mall!

This vintage commercial from 1992 showcases a lot of what WEM had to offer at the time, and so much of this retro footage shows things that just no longer exist at the mall.

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22 thoughts on “Life is a Carnival at West Edmonton Mall – Vintage WEM Commercial from 1992 – Best Edmonton Mall

  1. .. okay okay, and the Corkscrew and Cannonball Run and Geronimo's Jump. And I suppose technically raging rapids and white lighting.

    But there was still a lot of beige!

  2. I feel like if I visited Edmonton and went to the mall now I would be very disappointed. This commercial is how I remember WEM as a kid.

  3. Wasn't long after that the clown came upon hard times and had to move into the sewers…

    Wonderful work as always. Very much enjoy your efforts and the quality of your presentations.

  4. the drop of doom was great, and as ive said before…. i have memories of sitting in the drop of doom cars behind the outback. anyway… what about the zipper ? another great ride that just left us.

    anyway keep up the great work. I was born in Edmonton but havent been back in years. so your videos help with the whole missing of home feelings.

  5. Have you been to the waterpark since it's been open? If so, what's the experience been like? They REALLY reduced the hours, I saw (which is understandable).

  6. I deeply regret that I so rarely got to go to the mall as a kid. My own childhood was fine, but I gotta say, I envy you for the Mall being such a huge part of yours.

  7. Wasn't there also a set of short dark blue slides at the back called something like Geronimo? I was young but if memory serves they dropped into the pool from a moderate height.

  8. I just miss the entire original layout of fantasyland lol had an attraction pass growing up. Spent many hours of my youth in the 90’s there.

  9. My first bungee jump was at WEM. I was the only one of my group that didn't scream. Not because I was a badass, but because I was so terrified I didn't breathe on the way down. XD

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