10 thoughts on “Life with the Lindseys – Ep. 61 – Marriage and Mental Health

  1. Couldn’t agree more when Pastor Cornelius talked about overspiritualizing mental & physical health. There are so many studies that link lack of sleep and hunger with moodiness and mental health outcomes. Just think of the term “hangry” like the snickers commercial. “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry.” Lol Heck, it happens to me all the time, especially if I am overworking myself & not taking breaks to rest or to make sure I eat & don’t skip meals. self-care is so important because the simplest of habits can make all the difference in how you feel long term.

  2. This message is so true. I’ve been here so many times. Finality looks really appealing when you look around and you are just sick of yourself. I know for me having people who were even encouraging and uplifting would make me feel worse because I couldn’t grasp how everyone else could see the gift that is in me EXCEPT me! Depression is an overwhelming burden and it is truly a fight to continue believing in God and putting one foot in front of the other! Thank you guys so much for sharing your hearts in this way. It is very much appreciated! ❤️🙏🏾

  3. Thanks for being so transparent with your life. I'm happy you're becoming aware of the solutions that lifts your mood. Thoroughly enjoyed this.

  4. Do you think that it's appropriate to take a short "break" apart every so often (maybe a couple days) when you're married? Just to gather yourself mentally every now and then so you don't start to resent your spouse? (I'm not talking about an extended period of time where you would be put into temptation).

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