1. Architecturally & aesthetically, there's nothing particularly impressive about Somerset (yes, I have been there several times). It's a passe relic of the last century, as are enclosed shopping malls in general. The only difference between this and any other mall in the Detroit area (or any other suburban metro) is the high end stores based in larger cities have an outpost here. They carry pricier merchandise and it is meticulously clean—which impresses some people, I suppose.

    Somerset is located in (what locals boast) is supposedly the most "valuable" real estate in MI, yet the adjacent former Kmart headquarters has been abandoned & vacant for over a decade. The land can't be that valuable if an owner can afford to sit on it with no financial loss—and no one else is outbidding to acquire it. How is this different than 7 Mile & Gratiot—an area most of the residents who patronize this place would probably look down on? For visitors to the Detroit area, there is some nascent restoration & development going on in the historically & architecturally significant midtown & downtown area, which, in my opinion, is much more worthy of a view than this bland, generic mall.

  2. This is my mall. A rather chic shopping center with a huge collection of stores. You name it, this mall sells it.

  3. Great video! Love the music! Instantly downloaded a bunch from Duett off of Apple Music. Can’t seem to find this track featured in the video though. What was the name??

  4. This mall has so much style and personality unlike most modern malls. All you see are whites and grays in malls.

  5. One of the nicest malls I have ever seen in my life. Thanks for sharing this. And I don't understand why anyone downvotes any of your vids — your content is a great escape that's fun and informational.

  6. When I was little (and honestly sometimes now also) I’d stand on the platform outside of one of the ball fountains and stroke it while the water washes over it lol

  7. I'm from the Netherlands and I was at this mall in April of 2010 and a lot of areas were dead, as in, no stores. I remember the big rotating globe fountain. I also remember there being a bakery in that big open area on the first or second floor. It had huuuuge cookies, like 16 inch cookies. I think it was called Ms. Fields or something? Also the blue pond there with all the coins. Abercrombie and Fitch. Princess Promway Project (although I'm not quite sure why I remember that haha). Louis Vuitton. The fountain with the glass tiles. The angel statue. The "TO BIG BEAVER" sign outside (which was quite funny to me at the time – weird Dutch people – I know). Sunglass Hut? Janie & Jack. If I remember correctly there was also a store called Lids where they custom embroidered caps, hats and beanies. And there was a piano that could play by itsself and you would see the keys moving. Neimann & Marcus? Although now I am thinking that maybe I'm mixing the latter three up with a different mall.

  8. This mall is a gift from the escalator gods. The symettry in the shots of the tri-level department stores with their adjacent paired escalators after taking in the grandeur of that huge main atrium area with all of that 90s looking emerald marble tile and huge fountain! Cream my jeans moment.
    In about '94, I remember vividly my Mother remodeling our bathrooms, one was redone in that Emerald green color and the other one she did in Burgundy.

  9. If you ever get the chance to get back to Somerset mall you need to go at Christmas time. The decorations they do are beautiful.

  10. Something to note – No kiosks. Makes more room for leisurely strolling through the mall without getting hounded with tchotchkes. More artistic representations with water features and sculptures. All Forbes owned malls are like this. Another great one is Mall at Millenia in Orlando, FL which blows Somerset Collection out of the water when it comes to luxury tenants.

  11. Architecture and interior design for wealthy people is noticeably different than what the working and middle classes get. There elegance, the beauty, the displays that tell you if you can afford to shop here, you've made it and are somebody. It's impressive for sure!

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