14 thoughts on “Macy's to close store at Portland's Lloyd Center

  1. 2020 has proved we do not have the resources to protect Americans from riots fires virus or help the unemployed so why are we
    1 still letting people enter America?
    2 why are we still giving foreign aid?
    3 why are only the movements of honest people restricted?

  2. I remember when Lloyd Center was a nice place in the Christmas season. The concourse and skating rink open to the outside air. The air door at Meier and Frank.

  3. oh no where will spoiled rich and i wish i was rich females go to waste their time and money, and be seen doing it? the mall is a dead concept. i prefer small shops

  4. The mall will close cuz of the rioting terrorists. I went to downtown Portland last Saturday and it looked like a ghost city. I really saw no businesses open and many empty buildings…many looking for a new owner to lease them out

  5. I think Mall205 will outlive Lloyd center. If you said that back in the day in the 1990s or 2000s, People would make fun of you.

  6. "The decision to close a store is always a difficult one…"

    Emily Workman
    Director, Media Relations Macy's

    No. It's not a difficult decision at all if you have a store located in Portland.

  7. Is anyone surprised ?
    Come on people! This is a reaction to the mayors inaction.
    Crime and theft are thru the roof in that area.
    I’m not surprised they are cutting and running daily.

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