Maintenance Week: I Got Knotless Braids! My DIY Lash Routine & All Around Glow Up

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*Hum Nutrition Flatter Me:
*Press On Nails:
*Lash Extensions: I found them at my local beauty supply but this one by Ardell of VERY similar:

*Lash Glue:

*Lash Remover:

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Hair FAQ:
-Texture: Fine with excessive shrinkage that gives the optical illusion of coarse hair
-Density: medium density
-Porosity: Normal/Medium porosity with a patch of low porosity in the front

That’s all that matters because the curl typing chart is divisive and toxic. What matters most is if your hair likes a product or it doesn’t. 💖

Disclaimer-My channel is my avenue to share my personal experiences as well as product reviews. It is to be used for informational and entertainment purposely only. I am not a licensed cosmetologist. For questions pertaining to YOUR personal hair experiences, please book a consultation with a trusted professional stylist. A trained stylist is able to provide tips on at home maintenance as well as product recommendations based on their professional assessment of the current condition of your hair and scalp. Because I am not licensed (nor can I see your hair/scalp), I ask that you direct all questions about your personal journey to a professional

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28 thoughts on “Maintenance Week: I Got Knotless Braids! My DIY Lash Routine & All Around Glow Up

  1. So the sun was WILDIN OUT when I was outside recording so the light starts off rocky for the video. I corrected it the best I could but it was very bright! Sorry y’all but it’ll improve later in the video.

  2. I am thanking everything that the L-RD blessed me with long, thick lashes, because I darn sure don’t have the manual dexterity, or the patience to do that!

  3. I’ve seen Hum vitamins around the interwebs too, curious to see how it works (edit after watching until the end) yasss Hum! I been looking for something for me and hubby

  4. Miss Faye, I thank you! I use those individual lashes but would only do for special occasions but thank you for technique of holding the lash upside down to get the glue. I personally like attaching mine from underneath too. I like the more natural look

  5. You can cough sneeze without 🤧 having anything. I know people stupid on here/in this 🌎. Assuming stuff. Thanks for content

  6. Let me know how you like that hair. I’ve been using it for a while but lately I find the hair to be too soft so the braids frizz and get stringy

  7. 🇬🇧🙋🏾‍♀️Im late coming in from Alexis' live 🤫
    I love the way your colour is popping out now 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  8. In all my years of braiding my hair….i've never had them dusted lol. Only my ends have been dipped in the hot water. When you was putting the lashes on you looked good n crazy lolllll

  9. Oh yeah that would be a hard pass on the lashes. You did a great job though, my hands are not that steady! On the self-care side I have been doing my own pedicures for decades initially because ya girl feet were not cute and the shaming was real! I wear the same shade, Wicked by Essie so wear the white.

  10. Just knew you were getting red toes😂🤣 you look beautiful. Lashes have never been my thing but you made it look easy and WOW lashes elevate the whole look. Oh I got some stimmy left for HUM nutrition-damn you’re good! 😩

  11. Whattttt?! First off, the self love and glow up 😍 but alsooo how long do your lashes last?! I’m trying to see sumn 👀

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