40 thoughts on “Mall fights break out across U.S.

  1. What a very sad day to see all of those future rockets scientists, aeronautical engineers, physicists, archaeologists, heart surgeons, accountants and investment advisers all having a really very bad day. 🙂

    It's truly perplexing what these future geniuses all have in common. I just wonder what that could very well be. 😉

  2. why u so stupid? look around, what u doing, "lider national")))

    shit of all nationals

  3. I really don't care what anyone say, but this is mainly black teens who want to get attention. This is just sad. It really is just some black teens who want some attention because well hey, it's either that or do something useful, am I right? I don't understand why some black people think they are even worth the oxygen. I'm not racist at all, but with all these things happening recently, I don't know what to think about some of these people.

  4. This brawls happened in Sao Paulo,Brazil two years ago,they arrange this caos by social media and nobody knows what is the proposal of this.

  5. the only way to combat America Exceptionalism is a baseball bat and thorizine , have happy New Year

  6. Suit: Versace used secret 'code' for black customers

    By Mayra Cuevas, CNN 

    The manager instructed Sampiro "to say 'D410' in a casual manner when a black person entered the store…

    Man these D410s are destroying America.

  7. Easy solution, don't go to Mall after Christmas for your safety and easy solution for the cops, don't come help until they finish fighting; there will be less of these uncivilized human to deal with. As for Mall vendors and stores, lock your store and roll down the chains right away.

  8. Wow I actually ended up at a mall the day after Christmas but luckily there wasn't any brawls or any incident but come to think of it there weren't any thugs at the mall for that matter.

  9. You may see public disorder and violent "teens" but I see potential doctors, engineers, businessxurs and Judges… prove me wrong!

  10. Cut WELFARE 100% completely and this will vaporize over time. How much time no one knows but it would be a good start.

  11. Let me guess. All good kid's on their way too volunteer at the local homeless shelter. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  12. Really? That's what we're calling them? "Teens"? That's the common trait they all shared? Nothing else to visibly distinguish them from peaceful shoppers? Really?

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