Mall security allegedly harass, assault couple for sitting on steps, citing COVID-19 rules

David Menzies visited Thunder Bay, Ontario to speak with a couple who experienced an awful lot of unnecessary force from security trying to rush them out of a mall. All for a recovering cancer patient having the temerity to take a seat on a step to catch his breath.
FULL REPORT from David Menzies:

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Author: admin

20 thoughts on “Mall security allegedly harass, assault couple for sitting on steps, citing COVID-19 rules

  1. Boycott the mall entirely and sue the management. Paid mall thugs had no right to put their grubby hands on this couple. That they were egging each other on is absolutely disgusting and they should all be punished with prison time. The cops also should be ashamed of themselves but it appears that in Ontario since the beginning of this year, police have been good for nothing and in fact have consistently proven themselves to be a detriment and an embarrassment to the badge.

  2. Video mysteriously disappeared. Signs said there is video surveillance. Bloody mall cops pushing people around like the Gestapo. Yep, this is our Canada now.

  3. We need to hold these individuals personally responsible for trespassing upon the rights of another man or woman. Security guards, cops, politicians and bureaucrats etc. Under common law they can not lawfully trespass on the god given rights of another man or woman. Statutes and codes are not lawful. They are legal but NOT LAWFUL! Common law is the key!

  4. All malls and big stores now have these losers working as if they are the police and need the crap kicked outa them

  5. Typical Rebel report on Security Guards. Rebel News hates Security Guards. Have they ever said anything about when a Security Guard might have done something to help someone? I doubt it, they just look down on the hired help. Their reporters would be the first to call Security if they considered themselves threatened.

  6. Even if she did spit on them. What else could she do??? An older women and her husband with cancer get attacked!! She can’t fight them physically. I think spitting makes sense. Poor lady.
    That mall should be sued for millions. I hope they shut them down.

  7. She is a known major crank and they got banned for not following the rules of wearing a mask. Need oxygen? Stay the hell home then.

  8. Rebel Media, I liked you and trusted you as a news source until this release. I believed you were an unbiased news agency who had pride in their work and made it priority to deliver the facts. You have created a smear campaign against innocent people in the name of getting views, clicks and shares. This is a catchy fabricated story that would catch the attention of bleeding hearts all over canada, I can see why you fell for it, hook, line and sinker. You did not do enough to ensure you were presenting the best knowledge of facts to the public. Since you've released this several people have come forward with witness statements, and also people who have no experience in journalism have debunked many of Carol and her husbands statements. I can not wait until the facts in this case are made public.

    You should be embarrassed.

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