42 thoughts on “Man accused of shooting at business taken into custody

  1. He knows it’s that’s my grandpa he found in World War II and he has PTSD So that’s what forced him to do the shooting I’m just reminding you this his name is Michael Lopez

  2. I’m just so impressed at how the cops aren’t fearful & don’t shoot to kill these freaks like they do with unarmed poc citizens

  3. Why does the motive matter? Is anyone expecting the judge to say after hearing why he did it. “After carefully reviewing the evidence, the testimony of all sides. I’m going to release the shooter on all charges cause his motive was just.” Not gonna happen motive is irrelevant.

  4. They talking about rioting in Miami but yall shooting at businesses . And doing mass killings at grocery stores .

  5. CIA has been busy this last couple of weeks activating all these Targeted Civilians lol

    Though they dont always go according to plan it seems 🤷‍♂️

  6. These folk have just completely lost, just finished a shootout video between father and son that happened today.

  7. Drive by shooting … he won't get that much time , 2 years at most . My homies got out for murder and he only did 10 years representing that crip

  8. It's truly amazing how many of these crazy white gun men have been taken in custody lately, meaning alive. 🤔

  9. biden "we have to act now… executive order, ban on weapons"… funny how when biden became president, gun crimes rised up… just a excuse to banned weaponz….

  10. They haven't released his name because he most likely doesn't have an ID or paper work showing who he is. Nor doesn't speak a word of english.

  11. Boy them Democrats sure want them emotions high si they can get that knee jerk reaction to pass gun laws. Sick

  12. Sorry for peaceful, normal Miami people..
    What's the reason so much aggressive, and felonious Behavior in sunny 🌞 Miami ?

  13. It's irritating to see how you have armed shooters that clearly is a danger to everyone and police seem to detain and arrest them with little to no injury to the SOB and yet people die from a simple traffic stop smh

  14. Wow! Imagine that a white man goes on shooting spree and he is still alive. A black and Latino man get shot just because the cop thought he had a gun.

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