MapleSoju – Autumn Breeze / 가을 바람

Music composed by MapleSoju!

I composed this music way back in 2012 when I used to be living in Singapore. In the evening after my work shift, I would sometimes spend my time at Plaza Singapura shopping mall and would play some melodies at the piano store (located at one of the highest levels). This store had a vast variety of quality pianos and the staffs were always very kind to let me play there for hours. When I came up with this melody, I had in mind something fresh and relaxing, just like the cool/fresh air and the relaxing beauty of autumn. I even added a little asian twist in the music notes as I was influenced by my stay in this beautiful asian city state. I hope you will enjoy this music. – MapleSoju

Photos by: MapleSoju
Composer (Artist): MapleSoju
Composed/Produced date: August 30, 2020
Software: Logic Pro X
© 2020 MapleSoju Music. All rights reserved.


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