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    Topics covered in this Full Course are:
    1:39 Introduction to Microservices

    1:43 Why Microservices?

    8:18 What is Microservice Architecture?

    10:17 Microservice Architecture

    12:35 Features of Microservice Architecture

    13:46 Advantages of Microservice Architecture

    15:11 Companies using Microservice

    16:29 Hands-On

    20:52 Microservice Integration

    20:55 Microservices with Spring Boot

    21:24 Challenges with Microservice Architecture

    23:23 Need for Spring Boot

    24:09 Use Case

    26:07Tools Required

    40:41 Microservices with Docker

    41:18 Use-Case

    43:45 Before and After Microservices

    44:36 Microservices Architecture

    46:05 What is Docker?

    52:31 Docker for Microservices

    52:57 Advantages of Docker in Microservices

    56:29 Implementation

    1:11:59 Microservices vs SOA

    1:14:49 SOA vs Microservice

    1:15:53 Microservices vs SOA Architecture

    1:23:20 Use-Case

    1:29:41 Microservices vs API


    1:31:49 Monolithic Architecture Example

    1:32:42 What are API's?

    1:35:43 Where are API's used in Microservices?

    1:38:25 Differences between Microservices and API

    1:41:08 Microservices Design Patterns

    1:41:56 Need for Design Patterns

    1:44:10 What are Design Patterns?

    1:44:58 Principles

    1:49:25 Microservices Design Patterns

    1:49:27 Aggregator

    1:52:28 API Gateway

    1:55:00 Chained Or Chain of Responsibility

    1:57:11 Asynchronous Messaging

    1:59:07 Databases

    2:01:32 Event Sourcing

    2:02:38 Branch

    2:03:48 CQRS

    2:05:14 Circuit Breaker

    2:07:20 Decomposition

    2:09:57 Microservices Tools

    2:11:58 Operating System

    2:13:14 Programming Language

    2:15:48 API Management and Testing

    2:18:28 Messaging

    2:20:23 Toolkits

    2:22:08 Architectural Frameworks

    2:24:01 Orchestration

    2:26:37 Monitoring

    2:28:01 Serverless

    2:30:05 Microservices Security

    2:30:51 Problems

    2:34:47 Best Practices

    2:47:32 Interview Questions

  2. If you prepare a slide show and use power point animations to explain each part of your single slide then lecture would be more interactive, keeping static screen and continuously speaking sometimes feels boring, just a suggestion, otherwise your lectures are really great.

  3. Hi Team….This tutorial was quite useful to me…. Can you please help me in sending the Source code for my reference?Thanks a Lot..!!!

  4. Hi. The tutorial is very nice. Can you please send me the complete source code used in the tutorial? My mail id is sunilkumar.javajobs@gmail.com. Thank you.

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