Mindfulness in Daily Activities/ How to Do Chores Mindfully

You’ve heard so much about mindfulness. I teach you how to be mindful while washing dishes. Maybe you have done guided meditations on Youtube. But a more advanced step is: bringing the practice of mindfulness into your daily life during ordinary everyday activities.

Mindfulness in daily activities- It will make it easier when you do sit down to meditate- that you have spent moments in daily life being mindful. Trust me, you will get better at paying attention to details as you train your mind.

This is something my meditation teachers stressed as well as the Burmese monks I studied with. At first I resisted practicing “all the time” it felt like a lot of effort (this was when I was on retreat practicing 10 hours a day.) But the moment I began to pay attention even during breaks- like to go to the bathroom or to get a cup of tea-my whole meditation improved markedly.

Now I know you are not doing it in such a concentrated way. So in fact you’ll likely see even more of an impact if you pick one simple activity like washing dishes- or cleaning our stove/kitchen or any mundane chore to really practice being mindful with.

Try for 10 days minimum being mindful throughout the days activities; you’ll then notice- when you are not concentrated when the mind is lost in thought or worry or fear. This is very powerful practice to strengthen your mindfulness.

I was first introduced to the idea years ago by reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, Miracle of MIndfulness, and then soon after by the Burmese monks I primarily studied with including Sayadaw U Pandita (2 retreats.) Sayadaw U Janaka (1 retreat) and study with the American teachers to improve my practice including Jack Kornfield and Joseph Goldstein.

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  1. This has NOTHING with gender to do! Woman or man, ANYONE should do chores, I think she assumes everyone listening to her is a woman, how wrong can it be? This angers me really

  2. Good morning Goddess Kala 👑 Thanks so much for your lovely videos 🙏📿 wishing you a blessed Sunday 🌞 Namaste Goddess 🕉️

  3. Driving! My mind wonders too much when I’m driving which is really dangerous. I believe that this will help me

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