26 thoughts on “MLM Scams, Network Marketing and Pyramid Schemes | Dhruv Rathee

  1. Why Are Misleading People….. Come out of Your old patterns…. India is changing the definition of Network Marketing….. You have no idea about current trends in India and about all the most awesome companies….we all are part of Mlm type of business since childhood…..it is called as Network….. NETWORK… Network….

  2. झूठा और मकार आदमी अगर कोई है तो ये धूर्त राठी है…. पैसे में बिकता है….. ब……. C……

  3. Bhaiya jaldi se lal kile ke pas hui tractor raily ke upar video banaiye na.
    Media walon par viswas nahi, wo apna fayda ke liye kisi bhi side chale jate hain.
    Please bhaiya!

  4. Karne do in logo ko mlm . Yeh log andhbhakt ho chuke hai yeh log nhi samjhenge. Main toh chahta hu jyda se jyada log mlm mein jaye . Taki govt. Jobs mein competition kam ho.

  5. After reading comments, thinking of starting more MLMs. so many fools out there. just kidding.. He saved approx 10000rs of so many financially vulnerable people. Good work. gbu. Cheers

  6. Sir thoda sa study kia hota bas thode bhot bad experience sunn k aapne video bna di basically 15 min to aapne illogical claims kiye jiska koi sense nhi h.

  7. Today i got a offer of mlm scheme of oriflame company😂 they told me to jst recruit pple and buy product of that company then i will get BP but then i found this vedio 😂

  8. That's why I broke my friendship with one of my best friend he was trying me to indulge in it. It's a totally waste of time and brain.

  9. After listening this now I realise that 2 years ago I attended a seminar where they were selling computer courses for 16k and told us to recruit more person and we will get commission but I didn't have enough money so I think I saved my self

  10. Wow, Dhruv you seemed to be a bit knowledgable before watching this one.
    And the funny Part is this video is "Sponsored" by Upgrad.
    Hope you have also gone through the Huge Fee being charged to get the degrees from a few of Universities people will hear for the first time moreover they will hardly be able to visit such Universities in Person (Its not much of a task to create a Flashy Website).
    So does it really carry the value being charged by them, but certainly you will justify this since you have perhaps received "Your Commission" from them for this Video.

  11. Sir app todha research koro. What is MLM.??
    Mehh appse iye nahi kahne ke aaiya app sob jut bol rahe he. Aur app sob Sahi bhi nahi bol rahe he. Bcz This business whole world mehh calte he. Har Country ka law making person app se kom budhiman man he kiya ??? Sir
    Please reply me…🙏🙏🙏 It's my Humble request to you.

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