Most dangerous job in China | The ones who tried it are either dead or in serious trouble

Today, let me tell you the most dangerous job in China.

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21 thoughts on “Most dangerous job in China | The ones who tried it are either dead or in serious trouble

  1. One thing we learned today: Never accept promotion to chief of security in Chongqing if you want to live.

    Though it appears those guys all had deserved their abrupt end of career I guess there is a lot of politics involved not only crime and corruption. Party games I would call it. But who am I to judge from far away, just guessing from my experience and what I read about China and the fight against corruption by the most corrupt.

  2. 這就是傳說中的被墬樓被自殺吧,還有你這樣火力全開回上海沒問題嗎,有點擔心啊。

  3. Omg bro, R u still goin back or not 😅 u put ur self in a very dangerous place. Plz take care! Best wishes. Fan from nz

  4. One party is better than 2 parties, they fight within the party as independents, but to the outside it's a unified front, so progress won't be stopped and reverted every 4 or 8 years.

  5. There are always struggles of opposing forces in every government.

    CCP is no exception.

    All CCP is bad : you must be brainwashed.

    All CCP is good : too naive.

  6. Internal power struggle at play.

    Looks like there are 2 opposing forces in the body of the local government trying hard to outdo each other.

    Maybe one is the one that wants things to progress for the better.

    One is trying to keep things as they are (corrupt).

  7. Thank you for honoring these brave crime fighters. Corruption in Chinese government is extreme and some level of corruption happens at all governments everywhere. The public must require honest government officials at all levels.

  8. 謝謝你的解說,台灣人一般對重慶的事都什麼概念,長知識了。沒想到你連千島湖事件都知道!厲害👍

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