Most DEVOTED Idols In Kpop History

Most DEVOTED Idols In Kpop History

Surely, every fan wants to see idols exploding on stage, but at the same time, no one wants to see them get exhausted, even collapse when they have burned out.
In this video, we’re gonna list some of the most devoted Kpop idols who were even though very sick, would still perform with the spirit of “the show must go on”.

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Author: admin

48 thoughts on “Most DEVOTED Idols In Kpop History

  1. Are there any other idols with severe illness but still devoted on stage that we forgot to include? Please comment down below for part 2! 😘

  2. Where is Jennie with a broken/sprained ankle…. She still worked with a broken ankle it never healed properly anymore…
    SinB still danced even with a dislocated arm…
    Yerin still continued performing even when she was having appendicitis
    Jisoo still performed in cochella even if she had a back pain… "It was the most pain I've ever been"
    This is just for more info….😊✨
    I'm not hating on the channel

  3. The Most of the comments are about jennie that she hurt her ankle but till came back to the stage but do u guys realised jungkook danced until he had to get stitches on his ankle but till wanted to perform for his fans and jimin performed 3 Co certs in a row when his body was completely drained out and puked right before his bbmas performance why not talk about that?? And yoongi who performed with a dislocated shoulder. Now here I see gender discrimination just because she is a girl and hurt her ankle till came back to stage then she is delicate imagine yoongi with a dislocated shoulder performed one of the most toughest choreographys in kpop

  4. blackpink also jennie who had broke her ankle she went to perform also there is mamamoo who isnt famous but they are performing with the100% of strenght and hardwork they have done

  5. Okay I feel that this comment section is really messed up. I might be hated for this, but really instead of glorifying how each of their stans have also worked hard, does no one really feel that this isn't supposed to happen in the first place.
    Like performing while injured or sick and suffering should actually be stopped. Immediate medical attention is absolutely required, and the idols should not delay it just for a few hours of entertainment to the fans.
    I get it that most fans love the idols, but if they are guilty of being injured and perform with injuries then that's not dedication or professionalism, it's absolutely cruel to themselves and outright evidence of circumstantial duress due to the problematic system.
    And people need to stop glorifying their sufferings under the name of devotion and professionalism. Their occupation or the satisfaction of fans are not above their health. And they don't need to feel guilty for taking a leave or to stop a performance to get medical help.

  6. As a group, it is pretty obvious to me that BTS have the most gruelling schedule and have some of the most taxing and complicated dance routines. At this peak in their career, they do not slow down. They do not rest on their laurels nor rely on their past successes so they can coaat along. I think people can see that dedication to their craft that is why they have legions of (devoted) fans across the world.

  7. monsta x:

    -kihyun performed sitting down a concert with fractured ribs (we are here in L.A 2019) even when the doctor told him not to (and he still danced to some songs)

    -hyungwon’s shoulder dislocated during the from zero performance at the golden disc awards 2018, no one even noticed

    -jooheon’s mental health deteriorated a lot at the end of 2019, when mx was going to u.s.a for jingle ball tour in december he got sick before the flight and had to stay back but he went a few days later, also after recording their gayo daejeun performance he had to be taken to a hospital…. he finally stopped group activities after this to work on his mental health


    -wonho’s shoulder dislocated during an alligator performance during their we are here world tour (the new york stop i think) in 2019, he still continued the encore … also during their alligator promotions in february 2019, wonho got gastroenteritis and had to go to the hospital after they recorded their performance, he didn’t miss a performance during promotions

    and possibly more, i can’t remember all

  8. Why is no one talking about how a grown man fell on top of Jungkook AND how he still performed even if he was in pain.

  9. Seventeen. They filmed it on their documentary Hit the Road. Dislocated shoulder (Hoshi – many times, same shoulder), twisted ankle, hand tremor, enteritis, fever, dizziness, flu (Jun even laughed when filmed given flu jab on butt 🙄). Oxygen tanks, medicines and sports tapes are out in full force. They still performed.

  10. It's good to be dedicated and hard working but it's toxic and harmful to be a workaholic …after all health comes first…hope our Idol realize how precious their health is to them and how precious they are to their fans.

  11. DUDE mamamoo too.
    They performed literally RIGHT after getting into a car accident cuz they didn't want the moomoo's money to go waste. You can literally see fresh bruises while they were performing.
    Booboo you dont need to apologise for getting into an accident.

  12. Where is jennieeeeee she struggle's soo hard you she even twisted her ankle on stage but said to continue the performance make a part two and plzzz add her there plzzz. It's a humble request🙏🙏

  13. Remember how BLACKPINK was so busy but never showed any signs of struggle. We wouldn't know Jisoo was actually very sick during COACHELLA and Jennie feel awful during that one time in a concert and she even sprained her ankle but she still continued the concert. ROSÉ literally give every performance her all even rehearsal you never see her slacking off same with lisa.

  14. Jisoo performed for COACHELLA literally slayed all performances. She mentioned she was very sick. First time in a long time her back was hurting all night and wasn't feeling good

  15. I think Mamamoo n Blackpink should be here
    -Hwasa literally danced on all music shows with a almost broken back
    – Mamamoo had a car accident nd still after a few hours they performed on stage with bandages on
    – Jisoo performed on Coachella even when was sick nd was having a back injury
    – Jennie nd her hurt ankle is a saga still she slay every single stage


  16. Where is taeyong? he suffred neck injurie mamamoo as well my favorite group wheein got neck injurie and nayeon every muisc was on her back and jennie she did a perfomance when she was sick and jisoo the same as well /Honestly,I think they should stop doing conterct its the reason How they got injuries /GD is a literal king he perfomed 10 years without break this is the reason why he is the King of K-pop j hope to because he works on the bighit community and he works on the accounts!

  17. Why does being devoted equal harming your body to please fans in this video? Isn't devotion doing your best to write good music and have great concerts without putting you body in harm? Why does it only count when idols are going to extremes..

  18. Hey you forgot Jennie kim and Lisa r from blackpink I'm not a Jennie or a Lisa stan but still those tow always give their best on Stage or mv even on every single comeback they both are injured but still gives their best

  19. people taking about Jennie and jisoo…
    Lisa had a shoulder injury and an ankle injury plus she performed senorita and good things right after a long ass flight I think.
    if jensoo have to be on this list so does Lisa

  20. BTS : hardworkers, constantly on tour for the last 5 years, i guess? How many countries, cities, award shows, talk shows, interviews? And keep recording, releasing new music, variety shows, etc. I just can't with these dudes, what are they made of, steel?

  21. Other Idols I know:
    Gfriend Yuju – her multiple slips on stage
    Oh My Girl YooA – during Queendom Destiny performance

  22. Jisoo from Blackpink her back was injured during Coachella and thats was the most sick she was and she still preformed even though it hurt to move

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