MUSTAFA CENTRE Singapore – ReOpening During COVID19

Mustafa Centre is one of the famous Shopping Centre in Singapore. Mustafa Centre Shopping Mall is Located At 145 Syed Alwi Road – in the area called Little India. Mustafa Centre is a place that is one of the tourist attraction in SIngapore, that isvery suitable for tourist to shop and buy Souvenir 😍 .

Besides some of the price is considered cheap, Mustafa Centre also has a lot of food and item’s varieties. For example if you want to buy some Roti Prata / Paratha, then there are more than 5 flavour option and more than 5 brands, as you can see in my video. Sometimes you will also confuse which one to buy if you are not familiar.

During the COVID19, Mustafa Close from 4 April 2020 until 6 May 2020 so it is more than 28 Days, the double incubation period for COVID19. This is because there are COVID19 Cluster in Mustafa, means there are several people infected related to Mustafa Centre. According to the news, there are more than 80 peoples infected that is related to Mustafa Centre.

But after that, they do some disinfection in Mustafa and try to add tight rules to prevent to Corona VIrus.

If you can see in my video, besides temperature screening, there are also some tight COVID19 tracking and they also close down some of the floors, it the only floor that is open is only the second floor. Basement and 1st floor is close.

Note: Mustafa Centre is open 24 hours.😍

Watch the condition of Orchard road during circuit breaker ( semi lockdown ) 😍

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COVID 19 or Corona Virus 😷 is still going and going all around the world, there is still no cure for this Virus. Every day we can see the news that thousands infected everywhere in the world. started from a province in Wuhan China, and now spread all over the world In Singapore currently, the situation is still bad, just like other countries in the world, and the Government tries its best to handle the Corona Virus Outbreak. 😍

Now during this Circuit breaker or some people say it as semi lockdown or partial lockdown, we need to wear mask all of the time when going outside #stayathome #selfquarantine. #workfromhome and #socialdistancing.🙏Keep healthy and safe.


Official Website about COVID 19 in Singapore:

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people queue to buy protective masks at Mustafa Centre on 8 February, 2020. (PHOTO: Getty Images)


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49 thoughts on “MUSTAFA CENTRE Singapore – ReOpening During COVID19

  1. Mustafa Centre Singapore just reopened, they close for around 1month during the COVID19, because there are several case linked to Mustafa.
    But after disinfecting, they reopened on 6 May, only 1 floor open, but it's still a very big shopping centre. 😍

    -Gunner Travel

  2. nice upload my friend
    i love it
    keep it up
    liked 89 my friend
    I make videos too
    See you around

  3. Great Work my Friend! I ALWAYS return support to channels who support me! I wish you a nice WEEK!

  4. You think food price going up? At least you still got everything three noodle look good I like noodle😋

  5. It’s interesting to see other countries around the world are starting to get back to normal. Thanks for the update.

  6. This is a wonderful guide on the Mustafa centre, i will have to explore this shopping location when i travel there. like #82

  7. Oh wow, so empty, everything! I've got a friend who lives in Singapore. He told me that it is very clean there! And it looks that way, too! 👍👌😊Cool video.

  8. Hello my friend! Very nice video! I saw it with great interest! Very interesting video! Thank you!

  9. It looks like Singapore has a good plan in place. Still be wise to practice good safety procedures. Singapore is a wonderful destinatio place. Take good care my friend ..

  10. Very interesting views, we getting to know Singapure with you, so empty city yet, we are enjoying it completely, thank you for sharing, it is a great hike! We will be with you and we will often enjoy all your new adventures, greetings from Brooklyn!!! 🤝🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️🔔🗽💞💞💞

  11. Really encouraging to see life slowly going back to normal there. We're both lucky that in Poland and in Vietnam things are actually opening up as normal (but with some stricter rules than before of course). Hope you're staying safe!

  12. I'm sure the buildings in the Mustafa Centre were thoroughly cleaned from floor to ceiling before opening the place again to the public. I remember staying in Little India once and that place is usually filled with people outside.

  13. Greetings from California USA 🇺🇸😉👋
    Very nice informative and interesting educational video wow 🤩 amazing
    Don’t forget to stay active and connected also healthy, wishing you lots of success ⭐️

  14. Very interesting video friend and that store looks very neat and clean and in good order! I hope this all passes soon and we live again.. I'm happy to take my chances! Like

  15. I prefer cut fruits and vegetables, I am super lazy cutting those, good to see they have them there like that

  16. Hey Gunner, nice recap and masks at the beginning of the video
    Let's see the Mustafa center, is that where you got your wallet stolen a few months ago?

  17. 66 👍.Welcome Mustafa center reopening during ..So well goods , lots of delicious food …nice to see .. Thank for sharing.. Stay safe and healthy

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