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    POD provides you an Exclusive look inside the barrier of the old NCCC Mall in Ma-a. Find out what's going on on the other side of the wall. In addition, there's a NEW Beauty Salon on Ma-a Rd. Stop in and say hello to the new owner Ma'am Maya! The Axellent Hair & Nails Salon is located in the old Mega Cuts Barber Shop! Stop in today!

  2. I know that NCCC is gonna rebuild their mall aside their condominium project. I really miss this place SO MUCH cause this NCCC is my very 1st or 2nd Mall among all malls in Davao City and I’m a Professional Filipino Youth Bowler for Ten Pin Bowling and this NCCC is the place where I started as a beginner bowler. From the Pro Striker (Ball Bowler Arcade Bowling game) to the Nintendo Wii Kiosk to the Real Life Ten Pin Bowling, I’ll never forget all my favorite moments at NCCC. Hopefully soon I’ll be working at that NCCC by operating the new NCCC B3 Bowling Center that the fire destroyed. Thank You for Sharing and God Bless.

  3. Hey Bill. Wow!!!! So sad……I truly appreciate you taking the time to show me this. As with all of the Malls in the Philippines. This Mall was vibrant, fun and full of life. It was my favorite Mall. Almost every Saturday morning before heading out for visitation with my church (Mt. Apo Baptist Church) next to the Philippine Women's College, my pastor and I would always go through the drive-through to get breakfast at the McDonald's there. My wife and I spent a lot of time there buying groceries, watching movies, buying baby items and clothes for our new born Amiya who was born on January 1, 2015. Aside from my immediate family, you were the very first one to see Amiya. Oh yea, we loved getting massage's on the Second Floor. Lastly, we do not know where we are going to move to once we return to the Philippines. Probably the Cebu area. But we will not rule out Davao City either. It is a very beautiful city and surrounding area. Especially Samal Island. For sure we also miss 'Paradise Island Resort.' Again thank you so very much for your kindness in taking the time to post this. —- Semper Fi brother!!!!!

  4. Very sad for those lost and by the sounds of it could of been far more if not for the security guard. 50 pesos for a hair cut sounds a great price. I pay $20 AU here. 🙂👍

  5. Thank you Po for making a sensitive tribute To those that were lost. And to help support those in your neighborhood, Beautiful! I love the fact that your channel never promotes hearsay to get more subscribers and thumbs up! Thank you for your service! Salamat Po!

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