41 thoughts on “Ndebele author and activist, Thando Mahlangu joins Newzroom Afrika's Cathy Mohlahlana

  1. If he said he is a Setswana Speaking person hai nooo! He has shamed us, Batswana a not like that.

    WoW! A whole black person

  2. Show it in your vote Mahlangu. Campaign among our people, take away your vote from those who don't want to listen. You have my sympathy and support on that.
    Its uncalled for and geared to impress those who crafted the narrative that our culture is inferior to theirs. The purpose of which is to glorify and appese the oppressor's culture. Asiyivumi leyo ndaba. Government must rise up and baz'nuke amakhwapha. Ngoba, an injury to one is an injury to all (abantu). Abash little boot lickers of the mall managers calliber.

  3. He is now popular 🤣. He's everywhere looking for sympathy. But he was wearing some premedieval male underwear in public. What did he expect?

  4. Ngiyaxolisa mfowethu ngokubandlululwa ngaphezu kokukodwa.Ngicela uqhubeke ube yilokho oyikho futhi njengendoda yamaNdebele. Kubuhlungu kakhulu ukukubona ukhala. 😭☹

  5. This matter should be referred to the South African Human Rights Commission. I am wondering as to which part of South Africa does this Motswana man come from. This reminds of the hatred which the late Lucas Mangope had shown to other tribes which were living peacefully with Batswana in Transvaal and in Cape Province when Bophuthatswa was formed in 1976. This hatred became deeply entrenched in some people, and, this hatred and tribalism tend to manifest itself in certain incidence in the Northwest province. I wonder if this man is related to Lucas Mangope. In today's South Africa this tribalism is not needed, tribalism has been used by White Apartheid government to cause conflicts amongst black people when we were fighting against the apartheid regime. The Whiteman with his religion said we were heathen, we follow the heathen religion and culture. The late Mandela in 1993 said "The time when one religion was considered to be the only rightful religion is over, all religions and traditions must be treated equally with the same respect ". Mandela said this due to an uproar which came from certain churches after Mandela had invited some Sangomas to come and bless him or pray for him. The white men said our practice of circumcision is a heathen practice but today they come in secret urging us to do what they now call medical circumcision at the hospital, is this not very funny. Some of our people are still living in mental slavery or mental colonialism. Change does not occur in a single year.
    Long live Africa.
    Mohlomphehi Tseliso Thipanyane mosebetsi ke oo o le tobileng le bao u sebetsang le bona moo Human Rights Commission. Nova ea khethollo ha e so shoe, e sa ntse e kunya-kunya.

  6. The Minister of Arts and Culture must intervene in an effort raise awareness to the nation about the importance of different cultures. As a Zulu, I feel sad and embarrassed but mostly feel sorry Thando. Even though I salute you Thando for standing for your tradition and we all should.

  7. First it was Zenophobia now it is black south africans against black south africans. This self hate has got to go. Shame on that colonialised black brother, shame

  8. Oyena mntu ongadressanga decently ngu Manager. Andiyazi ukuba yitsubner yantoni le ayinxibileyo emdala kangaka. Watching from europe, and you Ndebele are making us proud. I miss home right when I see that beautiful outfit lol. Enkosi Thando, we luv you and we support you x

    I cant wait to wear umbhaco wam here in the streets of europe. x

  9. Thando is absolutely correctly.. I have been worried about the death of the Ndebele language and culture for a long time.. if a Zulu/Xhosa/Sotho/Tswana/Venda/Tsonga person rocked up at the mall that manager will have never kicked him out.. he actually will have never left his office.. I feel you😢😢😢

  10. 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 this is literally paining me , went through the very same thing at PTA as I was passing , some lady said " vele Mina ama NDEBELE ayangidina" (THE NDEBELE TRIBE DISGUST ME) at that
    moment I felt very small and
    really did get to me 💔💔💔💔 I WONDER WHAT'S IN US NDEBELE TRIBE THAT PPL HATE SO MUCH 💔💔💔💔💔

  11. Ndebeles are taken for granted .Disciplinary measures must be taken against the mall manager he does not belong to this country .

  12. China people cover with odnally croth like bed sheet but it is allowed to go out with why is it that this man is forbidden to go out with her clothes

  13. Shangaan people n others can't even be proud of them selves just becaus of our african brothers says behind their back, so its one of those things, Qina baba, make a different, Ndebeles believes in you now, ungamnaki omunye umuntu

  14. That was very stupid of that manager no complains ,no public disturbance from the Ndebele dude,just doing normal shopping in Africa

  15. In the UK, London in particular, he would've have been left alone. In his own country he's treated like this?!!

  16. This is really absurd
    How can Afrikans be discriminated for wearing there own traditional clothes in their own country but accept others
    The question is are we truly free when we embrace the identity of those that have enslaved us and dismiss our own
    Who are we then?
    Afrikans or Europeans in Afrikan skin?
    How can others accept us if we can not accept ourselves?

  17. I didn't know Gautrain refused Mom Thando too , ,I won't ride with them anymore gaaah! Thy make us black African feel small in our own country and embraces white against south African black nxa 2018 mark ,,Isindebele won't die Mom Thando African Revival is here we behind you , leave alone those blacks who don't respect their own, culture they ignorant even if the wise guider guide them to go back ,, the people we are voting too are like Mr My Mall too, thy are black outside but white inside cos they don't wanna loose luxury life thy create under white ,,, black people are enemies of their own,,, white people has nothing to do with this ,

  18. He's hurt, he's in pain 💔, more so that he was discriminated on by a "black man in a suit"! Khuluma baba, ungasabhi 👊🏿!

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