Night Walk In Xi'an Grand Tang All Day Mall | 4K HDR | Shaanxi Province, China | 西安 | 大唐不夜城

The Great Tang All Day Mall, also called Grand Tang Dynasty Ever Bright City, is a 2100m pedestrian street, located south of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and west of Tang Paradise.

It is line with buildings featuring Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) architecture and sculptures telling Tang stories.

In addition, tourists can enjoy street performances, a variety of food and shopping here.

Every January and February around Chinese New Year, extra activities are held, so it can be one of the best Chinese New Year destinations for you. The best time to come here is at night after the lights are lit up and people start to gather to have fun.

Top Things to Do in Great Tang All Day Mall
★★ 1. Spectacular Group Sculptures ★★
The whole pedestrian street is flanked with nine group sculptures in honor of Tang emperors and other historical and legendary figures.

Kaiyuan Flourishing Age is the sculpture with the most figures including the emperor Li Longji, his 6 favorite courtiers, 20 envoys and 42 people playing instruments.

The sculpture of Li Shimin, who was the second Tang emperor, is the tallest sculpture at 17.95m (19.63yd).

Here tourists can also find Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history, plus famous poets of Tang Dynasty including Li Bai, Du Fu, Bai Juyi, Wang Wei and others.

There are also the four eminent monks who contributed greatly to the spread of Buddhism during that period: Xuan Zang, Jian Zhen, Hui Neng and Kong Hai.

★★ 2. Light Show ★★
All the trees in the Great Tang All Day Mall are decorated with yellow LED strips around the trunk and colorful bulbs on the branches, shining brightly at night.

Also, the traditional-style architecture is lit up by spotlights in the air and the bright lights of the buildings themselves.
Tourists can also appreciate the lights on the ground, which are shaped like snowflakes, leaves, flowers and Chinese characters.

You will feel as is you are walking on a giant painted scroll.

★★ 3. Street Performance ★★
The Tumbler Performance is the most popular performance at the Great Tang All Day Mall.

A young lady in Tang clothes stands on a semi-circular base and gently dances without touching the ground, reminding you one of a fairy from the Tang Dynasty.

If you are lucky enough, she may interact with you by stretching her hands towards you.

In addition, seven different bands perform on the street one after another all day. No matter whether chorus, jazz or rock music, each will generate a relaxing atmosphere.

★★ 4. Piano Path ★★
On each side of the pedestrian street, there is a Piano Path 100m (109yd) long. When tourists tread on the ‘piano keys’, the LED strip will change color, and a pleasant melody will be heard. Everyone can be a pianist here!

★★ 5. Voice-activated Fountain ★★
It may seem weird to see many people shouting in front of a fountain.

Actually they are controlling the height of the fountain through the changes in sound.

This attraction can truly relieve your stress.

★★ 6. Taste Local Dishes and Snacks ★★
Here, tourists can readily savor the local cuisine including Dumpling Dinner, Mutton Stew (Yangrou Paomao), Cold Noodles (Liang Pi) and Shannxi Sandwich (Rou Jia Mo).

In addition, gourmets can also try cuisine from other regions such as Beijing Roast Duck, Sichuan Hot Pot, Chongqing Noodles, and so on!

Apart from all the activities and attractions mentioned above, the Great Tang All Day Mall is also home to the Xi’an Concert Hall, Shannxi Opera House, Qujiang Movie City and Shannxi Artists’ Gallery. Discerning tourists can heartily enjoy art here.

0:00 Intro
0:43 Walking in the Grand Tang Pedestrian Street
45:12 Around the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
56:59 The Ice Cream Trick
59:43 Shaanxi Opera Show
01:01:27 Back to Tang Dynasty Dancing Show
01:09:46 Ladies of the Tang Dynasty Show
01:14:05 Walking in the Grand Tang Pedestrian Street
01:21:29 Music Performance Show

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